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Please Read. Please try to help.

Please Read. Please try to help.

I’m well aware of all the warnings pertaining to PE (jelqing specifically) but somehow slipped by them and into the uninformed and too excited habits of newbies. I’m going to explain the issues I’m having in detail. Please try to help. I already know what mistakes I’ve made and how I could have avoided them. I am still 100% supportive of PE - I just wish I wasn’t one of the re***** who dive in misinformed. I’m not sure how big of a mistake mine is and I apologize in advance because I assume it has been talked about extensively already and that my post doesn’t belong here. I can only post in the newbie thread and am looking for advice as to how to recover, if I can.

So heres what got me there and what I’m experiencing. Always followed warm up and warm down routine for longer than recommended. Never jeqled at above 70% erection and was generally within the 40-70 area). I did not take measurements as I didn’t have a ruler and honestly put full faith in the practice. I wasn’t concerned with exact results as I figured PE was an indispensable hobby in a world that embraces the big penis. Started jelqing way too much, took a break, came back at what I thought was proper. This was about a year ago.

Continued jelqing for about 3-4 months doing the “listening to my body” thing in what I now see to be a very half a** way. I know now that as I progressed with jelqing I was also progressively gripping too hard. At the time, for whatever reason (I did scour the internet), I had yet to see grip information other than listen to your body and others saying be intense etc. I took off days frequently and never jelqed for more than 2 days in a row. The best I can say for an idea of my routine was 4-5 second tight but let up when necessary jelqs for about 15-20 minutes. I’m certain I was going way too hard but luckily?, rather probably unluckily, did not experience bruising, ruptures, or anything other than the extremely occasional red dots. These were the warning signs I was aware and looking for. At this time, as my memory suits me, I was still functioning very properly - engaged in sex had the best EQ ever would get morning wood and be horny all through the night. I however did begin to start turtling regularly post session. I could always restore the area with a few shakes or continued light stimulation for a while to follow.

For whatever reason, and I’m not proud of this, I began to contribute the edema (didn’t realize it was merely edema) that followed as gains.. I continued but now with an even tighter grip for about another 3-4 months. I’m guessing that somewhere half way through these months I started to catch the onset of a whole world of negative PIs I was not even watching for. I know my morning wood frequency declined and my soft state would stay “turtly” more often. I realized this turtaliness and wanted to tone it down. So, about a month ago I introduced Stretching as I read length should be sought after prior to girth (if not for sure than just in case). I found a newbie routine that only called for 50 jelqs and was mostly stretching. My stretching consisted of 30 second pulls pre jelqs post warm up mostly downward angles (LOT reading) and some v stretches in all four directions. This is what I did - but keep in mind I was using a ridiculously and I mean RIDICULOUS (I know were not supposed to full caps I apologize) grip.

I started working and was on my feet more often. I realize now I have what people are calling a hard flaccid. My hard flaccid does go away. It exists 80% of the time but isn’t stuck that way. It is mostly towards the front 1/3 of my penis as that is where most of my death grips pressure was placed. My penis head seems very small and pale. Upon touching the 1/3 affected the rest will scare and harden as well. I can get fine erections but there is the ever slightest burning. I’m not numb and I’m not abnormally sensitive. Today is only my 3rd day breaking from jelqing and it feels like it is improving slightly.hopefully..

What should I be doing? Light massages and heat? Not try for erections? Should I stay away from the gym (I’m in great shape if it matters)?

That’s a novel, I apologize. I just wanted to give an accurate idea of how dumb I managed to be.

Jelqd really hard for way too long. Not positive when hard flaccid came in but wanting to know information based on the worst case scenario - so say hard flaccid 3 months ago. Can still perform and experience no pain at all. Head is however shrunken and pale.

Is this scar tissue now D:

I KNOW HOW DUMB I’VE BEEN. I’m staying calm but this is the only place I know where to search. This is my first ever forum post ever anywhere to give you an idea of how concerned I am. Most of us are here because our penises directly reflect our livelihood. Please just offer whatever advice you can. I can send pictures if it might help diagnose.

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Take a break from PE. Very light massage and heat are a good idea. If you have an IR lamp even better. Generic exercise won’t hurt and will help by keeping you healthy in general. I don’t know enough to comment on uber hard core workouts like cross fit or Olympic/power lifting.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Take Vit. E high doses (300 mg a day) and stop for a month.

Roll it between your palms like you are warming your palms several times a day. It will help loosen everything up and also will remove any discoloration.

Get rest.

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Can’t thank you guys enough! I’ve been doing what you guys said, going to go grab vitamin e in the next hour or so, and its already much more loose. And color is slightly returning. And I got a night wood. I freaked out. Googling hard flaccid and seen peoples depressive 6 year battling stories for the first time -_- scary stuff haha I know this is soon but at the end of this break, which I’m thinking should be about a month and a half?, do you think it could be safe to begin the correct methods of PE? Significantly lighter than even the newbie routine for example?

Depending on how the region feels e.g. there should not be any sharp pain or discomfort at a level where you cannot sleep; you pretty much just have to give it a rest from PE. You do not need to avoid sex or ejaculation etc, there is not much for you to do except give it time to heal. The penis will retract due to trauma and for healing, so do not let this concern you it is just following nature’s course. Most of us have experienced some level of what you are going through; don’t feel that your alone in this over rigor. It should not take more than 2 to 3 weeks to become whole, again.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Leave your dick alone for a FEW weeks (at least - maybe a month or two if you can stand it, and just use the off time to further research PE so as to avoid future problems like this).

Either drop the jelq altogether, or go at it again with a very light grip. If jelqing continues to make things worse, stop jelqing altogether - there are other great ways to gain girth (pumping, hanging for base/upper shaft girth, etc).
Don’t avoid the gym, in fact I recommend it. Do heavy squats/leg days, or do some interval sprinting workouts - these are great at releasing testosterone and HGH into the body, both of which can accelerate healing.

But don’t touch your dick! Maybe apply light heat once every few days, from an IR lamp ideally, or submersion in warm water if you don’t have that.

Most important thing is to stop PE and give it time to heal. Best of luck brah


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