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[Please read & advice] Sudden time constraints

[Please read & advice] Sudden time constraints

iv been doing PE exercise for about 2 weeks now (not entirely new to it, check my other introduction thread Introduction )

I wasnt supposed to see my girlfriend until christmas this year but she has surprised me and decided to visit me for a WHOLE month starting next week……… I will be very short on time because I have uni & work from 9am - 5pm.. after which I will spend most of my time with her… probably will get home just for a couple of hours sleep and then back to daily routine

I know what you guys are thinking, that I could definately fit in 1 hour a day… but if this isnt possible is there any light routine anyone can suggest that will keep me going? Iv really built up my momentum these last 2 weeks and if I suddenyl stop im pretty sure its going to have an adverse effect on my penis !!

im thinking like stretches and about 100 jelqs a day might keep me going… and there’s going to be a lot of sex happening too cos I havent seen her ina while ;)

thanks in advance

p.s ::
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Some options

Hey Mandingo,

I can definitely relate as I have a girlfriend with a somewhat capricious nature and am constantly having to work my PE routine around her unpredictability. Now I’m not an expert by any means so if I’m off here I’m sure the vets here will quickly point out the flaws in my plan. Anyway my advice is as follows. If you shower, shower alone do your jelqs and stretching routine then if you chafe under the water doing your jelqs there are some moisturizing lotions that are specifically for in shower use. Also directly after your shower try applying a traction wrap. This you can wear to work and it’s fairly undetectable. If nothing else this should keep you conditioned until you can get down to some serious PE work. Good luck and happy gaining.


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yep, even if you just are spending 20 min a day right out of the shower doing stretching then 100 - 200 jelqs you should be doing good.

My first 1/2 inch was gained by just doing that.
don’t forget the kegels. you can do those both while jelqing - like really pumping up the last 50, and also any other time during the day. they do make a difference, especially if you are falling back onto a light routine. just my 3 cents worth.

enjoy her visit and good luck.

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The other alternative is tell her what you are doing. She will either freak or understand. Nothing stands in my way. I always find a way for my half hour a day session.

Originally Posted by Tube
Take longer “dumps”

LMAO! Yeah definitely! The last place she’ll want to be is around you while you’re squeezing one out!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. I was Comtemplating the immortal words of Socrates, who said "I drank what!?". Start May 2005 6.5" BPEL - 6" NBPEL - 5" eg June 2005 6.75" BPEL - 6.25" NBPEL - 5" eg August 2005 7.125" BPEL - 6.5" NBPEL - 5" eg

Do you pump? If you have any privacy at all, fifteen minutes in the tube a day will keep you plumped up with temp girth till your girlfriend leaves, then you can get back to your routine.

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I always wet jelq and 9/10 times in the shower. I have a stool in there and I get comfortable.

Im definately not stopping PE exercises alltogether, its just that Iv started off with a semi-intense workout routine and downing that to somethign minimal a day will come in the way.. anyway Its not much cause of concern I guess because a month of sex will probably work johnny out and when I come back to PE fulltime I can go harddddd on the exercises :)

Here is a 10 minute shower routine I like to do. It is great because it is a QUICK WORKOUT that includes a warm up (the shower).

2 minutes of rotating stretches.
2 sets of 30 JAI stretches.
6-10 minutes minutes of Dry Jelqs/Wet Jelqs (It is really a combination of Dry Jelqs and Wet Jelqs, because water is a really bad lubricant).
Overtime, build yourself up to doing all Dry Jelqs, because they are more intense.

The whole time you are jelqing, kegel at the same time.

During the day you can 1-2 minutes of rotating stretches when you go to the restroom.

This shower workout will take 8-15 minutes in the shower, depending on how many jelqs you do. The closer you can get to a 10 minute jelqing workout, the better. I guarantee you this routine will give you positive benifiets.

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