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Please rate my routine

Please rate my routine

Whats up guys, I starting to learn about PE a couple of years ago and started a routine but was never consistent enough to rack any gains. I started up again and I wanted to know what you guys think of my current routine.

Warm up (either warm shower or hair dryer)
Straight out = 5 sets 1 minute each
Straight down = 10 sets 1 minute each
BTC (behind the cheeks) = 5 sets 1 minute each

* Sometimes I will substitute an exercise above with 5 V-stretches 1 minute a piece.

I do this 5 days a week with 2 days off. Any suggestions or encouragement is GREATLY appreciated.

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Please check out the Newbie routine.

You gotta incorporate Jelqs in there too.

And I recommend as many kegels as you can be bothered with a day.

And if you have problems staying commited, I recommend buying a PE related product. I had the same problem untill I bought an ADS (all day stretcher), which wasn’t cheap, but the fact that I paid for it motivated me to do my routine everyday, and use the ADS everyday, which I’ve been doing more far more consistantly than ever before.


Really is hard to rate your routine, it does not state weather you are targeting length or girth what do you think you can gain from the routine you have designed?

Newbie routine is the best way to go.

You definitely need to jelq. I’d say do 40 first day week then 80 next. Keep doing that up to 200. Do 2on 1 off at first after you’ve done 200 for awhile then move on to 3 on 1 off and add in some more complicated pulls and do horse squeezes or even move on to clamping etc.

I am pretty happy with girth, so my focus is 100% on length gains.

JELQ for life dude.

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