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please help

please help

hello guys, i’m a new member and since now i’ve posted only in the italian thread.
i believe that PE is a way to increase the size of my dick and the size of my self-esteem, i really need it.. although i haven’t problem with woman. right now my measures are 5.9-6.1 inches of lenght and 5.1 inches of girth. i don’t have initial measurements..
Tomorrow i write here because i would receive some great advises..
i’ve done PE for a month, and this is my routine:
5 min warm up
10 min stretching, down and forward
15 min dry jelq
5 min warp down

i do my jelq with very low erection grade and i always try to not exceed with pressure.
i do warm up/down with hot water
i do stretching in a way i feel the stretching of my penis.

i think rest is very important, so i don’t stress my dick, i do 2 on 1 off day.

inizially it works, but now it’s like my penis is accustomed to do this.. i think i should do a very variable training.
could you learn me some new exercises? i would discover at least 3 variations of stretch and 3 variations, so i could rotate and my dick will never be accustomed.. so i shoul grow.

if someone knows a good routine i’d appreciate it.

If you’ve been doing this routine for a month, and the PIs are good, then you should probably just add to your current routine: maybe add an additional 5 minutes of jelqing and an additional five minutes of stretching. I’m also curious as to why you are doing dry jelqs instead of wet jelqs — people differ here, but I find wet jelqs to be a more effective exercise. I would probably stick with some version of the newbie routine for 3 months; in those 3 months just increase the amount of time you’re doing each exercise, if your body seems to be responding positively.

Starting (May 2010): BPEL:6" EG: 4 7/8". Current (April 2011): BPEL: 6 3/4" EG: 5 1/4".

Short Term Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.25" Long Term Goal: When my wife makes me stop or 8"x6" (whichever comes first)

you could also increase pressure in your jelqs. Try being very progressive and taking small steps rather than leaps. I find a 1day on 1day off is safest and best for evaluating whether increases in pressure are benefitting you or not.

In terms of stretching you could add very light stretches throughout the day on top of your stretch routine. I find this helps me maintain good hang - its as if you are playing with it rather than training it so its relatively light but definitely works.

just dont hurt yourself!

Thank you guys
X roosterstretch: I prefer dry jelq because it’s better for girth, and more practical. I’ll follow your advise :)

X soft: do you think 1 on 1 off is better? Isn’t it too few? And, what is “very light stretches”?

Thank you guy

The reason I would suggest starting 1 on 1 off is because its easier to assess your penis’ response to that single workout the next day. Say 1 workout = X result. Assessing X the next day is far more straight forward than assessing X + X after putting them together. This is because by stacking workouts you are adding extra variables into the feedback you get (such as not having enough rest and therefore causing more microdamage to your penis than 2X would do if separated with enough rest).

What I suggest newbies do is ideally start off with a phase where you are under-working and progressively increasing the force / time until you start seeing growth. All you are doing in this phase is trying to learn what the minimum is your penis can handle to actually change. Once you understand what your penis responds to you can start increasing force and changing your 1 on 1 off routine to 2on 1off.

1 on 1 off is not too few for someone that hasn’t discovered how much force is needed to give him growth in that routine in my opinion. I am on my 5th / 6th month and am learning so much about how to grow by having a 1 on 1 off routine that is very standardized and makes it easier for me to assess gains.

Very light stretches - you can do any type of stretch you like but make sure the force is minimal. basically just extend him a little bit! Dont pull him to his max length and do not put him under stress. I think that ‘nudging’ your penis to grow like this throughout the day is a very progressive and healthy way of directing him toward growth. I personally never do high intensity stretching I think it is dangerous and for me is not helpful. My penis dosnt want to stretch heavily at any one time but a little bit over time is ok!


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