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Please Help

Please Help

Ok I have been jelqing for about 10-11 months now as per the newb routine from this site..

I actually had a bit of a gain and thought id try clamping..

As of this post I have been clamping for about 1-3 weeks..

Everything seemed to be going well until about 4 days ago..

I used a warm cloth and a shoe lace and I am uncut

I don’t know if the lace was to tight or what

I warmed up as usual,left on the warm cloth,tied my lace,and sat for 10-12 minutes..

Removed the lace and cloth.everything seemed fine.later that night I attempted to screw the wife and felt a pricking being pricked with a needle in the foreskin.I got outa bed and went to the bathroom.looked down and the foreskin was red and also stings like bitch when I try and retract it.and has been like this for 3-4 days this normal and will it go away?.

The head and shaft seem to be fine.seems only to be the foreskin.

First of all. Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

So am I to believe that on your first attempt at clamping you left the device on for 10-12 minutes? That alone for a first attempt seems a bit steep to me.

Maybe you have caused some damage to the nerves within your foreskin. It will most likely go away, with enough time, but you need to quit PE until it does. If the symptoms persist, longer than say, 2 weeks. See a Doctor or better still a Urologist.

Conscious effort to gain that 3/4 inch in length starts now! 21/07/09

(21/07/09) NBPEL 7.25, BPEL 7.5inch * 6inch EG.

(12/08/13) NBPEL 7.30, BPEL 7.9inch * 6.1inch EG

Thanks for the welcome and the reply.and no it wasn’t the first time clamping..
I have been clamping for about 3 weeks or so..
I started out 10-12 minutes on..
I started jelqing roughly 11 months ago after I found Thundersplace.and read up on the techniques.BTW thanks to all of you for your info and experience.and to think I thought I was the only one lol..
Anywho my routine consist of (usually in the shower due to privacy and convenience of hot water)

Warm-up with as hot of water as I can stand about 5 minutes or so..
Jelq until hot water runs out.15-20 minutes occasionally I have a private moment to jelq in the afternoon
That’s been pretty much it for 11 or months..
Had about 1/4 inch gain so I figured I’d try for some girth

So then 3 weeks or so ago I tried clamping.had been going well until 3-4 days ago..
The first week consisted of 2 days Monday and Friday.I only jelqed in between and never did both on the same day.
I also took Wednesday,and Sunday off.nothing on those days.
Each week I tightened thing lace a bit.apparently I over did it.

It didn’t go black thankfully but did purple and I removed it the normal color returned and everything seemed normal.

I wouldn’t get worried to much.. I’m just getting back into PE but from my experiences your going to experience some new feelings while doing PE.. All might not be pleasant. Just give it a couple days it should subside. Remember don’t go over 10 min clamping.

Ahh, sorry, My brain was still warming up when I replied, only just got up and such.

I think maybe you just over did it. It will probably go away soon enough though.

Conscious effort to gain that 3/4 inch in length starts now! 21/07/09

(21/07/09) NBPEL 7.25, BPEL 7.5inch * 6inch EG.

(12/08/13) NBPEL 7.30, BPEL 7.9inch * 6.1inch EG

Red and swollen sounds more like an infection than anything else to me .

You don’t have to use a shoe lace to clamp, and you don’t have to leave the warm cloth on. Apply cold water on your penis, don’t masturbate don’t have sex and don’t PE for about a week and things should go better. An antiseptic powder like fissan could help also.

You caused a huge amount of fluid build, maybe some rupture of capilarries under the skin, and skin irritation.


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