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Please help me develop a routine for shower time no privacy

Please help me develop a routine for shower time no privacy

Hi, my name is Danny. I’m 22 years old and I live at home with my parents. I am currently attending University in my 4th year this Fall. I have been following PE for a few months and have tried a routine for 2 months without any gains and with only discoloration on the bottom of my penis to show for it. Well, I have almost no privacy at home so I have to do PE when I’m in the shower. I take a shower twice a day, morning and night. I can stay in the shower about 30 minutes tops before it starts to weird people out at home. So that means like 5 minutes to quickly clean up and then 25 minutes of time for PEtwice a day. What I was doing for the past 2 months is hopping in the shower in the morning, massaging a little in hot water to warm up, then I towel off my penis area so it is dry, then I stretch for about 5 minutes in straight and up, rotating when I feel my penis needs to relax for a few seconds. The only problem I have with stretching is I tend to get a little erect (40-50%) when holding the penis from the head and stretching. I try to relax the best I can and think of other things but it is a problem so it makes my stretch sessions less productive. Then I proceed to jelq with just a little bit of baby oil gel applied to the shaft for avoiding burn, I jelq at about 60-75% erection, being careful to not put a very strong pressure or to jelq when hard. I grab from the shaft with a ring of my thumb and index and squeeze, follow through to the top, then beforre letting go I come from underneath with the next hand and put on a firm but not too tight grip, and take it back to the top. I jelq about 150-200 times usually. I can feel a good pump when I am done jelqing and my penis looks a little red for sometime. After I jelq I massage a little then leave the shower. At night I have been more lazy but I just try to do a little stretching and massaging (maybe 10 minutes of stretch, but I have to frequently cool down to avoid getting hard). I usually do 2 or 3 days on and 1 day off. So far no gains and nothing noticeably improved about erection or appearence. Just my flaccid is a little longer but maybe it’s just from the jelqing and from thinking about my penis more.

Thank you if you read all of this. I am just looking to ask from anybody if they can help me structure a better routine with the time I have and also for comments on what I’m doing and help. Thank you again.

- Dano

Hey dano,

You’re routine looks good really. Stick with what you are doing. Try to mimic your morning routine at night as well (don’t get lazy :leftie: ). Do you have any time at night? Do you stay up later than your parents usually? Maybe you can start incorporating some bends and squeezes at night in your room. Right before bed stretch for 8-10 minutes then do some Ulis or Horse440s or O-bends. Is this a possibility for you?


Yes, I will try to mimic the morning at night and see if that helps or leads to overtraining. I’m not sure what are bends and squeezes or ulis/horse440s/o-bends.. Which of these do you recommend so I can do some searching and see how to do it? I think doing morning and night routines for 20 minutes a piece will be beneficial. This way though I will be doing 300-400 jelqs a day so I must be careful about overtraining, right?

The morning and night is going really nicely, I added in some very light uli’ng, very happy with this routine atm, doing pc flexes also throughout the day to keep the blood flowing. Will post gains after a couple months.

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