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Please Help -Extender

Please Help -Extender


I’ve been PE-ing for 18 months and no gains.

Anything more than extremely light jetting for a few strokes results in ED for a few days. I’ve tried so many different intensities and rep ranges and no luck.

I’ve tried the Andropenis extender, used per the instructions for about 5 hours a day for 3-4 months, zero gains.

I’ve been using an ADS for 8-10 hours a day, working up to maybe 1200g tension, for about 7 months. No gains. High tension, low tension, , no gains. I think I may have actually lost a fraction of an inch in EL.

I drink in moderation, work out, eat right, stay hydrated. Done everything by the book as much as possible. Btw my BPFLS is still less than my EL so stretching past EL has been impossible.

What is the problem? Does PE not work for a small % of men? I see the scientific studies proving extenders work but geez! Please help me. I’m going crazy over here!

I’m currently just shy of 6.5” EL.

What kind of ADS?

I thought 6,5 BP was average and NBP was slightly over average. Nothing to be ashamed about.

Have you ever tried manuals mate? Jelqing and stretching works fine for many, the ADS must be a complement.

If I ever try extenders it will be a vacextender and use it for many hours.

There’s a guy at the extenders side who reported no gains in 3 months with a penimaster, and then he apllied the same weights hanging and has made gains.

the thread is called: Experienced PE’rs long term extender results?, check it out.

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It is possible you may be a non-gainer. But I would not give up yet. Extending 8 hours every day without fail, except for a possible rest break of a day or two occasionally, for 6 months should show results. But I think you should switch to hanging now. And as Quim suggested review in detail the hanging gainers success routines. Easy to get frustrated but view it as a fresh start. Remember, warming up very well is essential. Don’t mix up routines like pumping with your program stick with one and stay focused. Don’t overdo jelquing. And I’m not sure even that would be a good idea entirely. But I think it is good to have massage as needed to promote circulation. This advice is based on what my mind has distilled from numerous successful PE posters here. I hope they will chime in directly. Best of luck.

Make sure your using the extender right too. You should feel a stretch in your penis not just a cold head and a measurement on a ruler.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

Thank you all for your responses.

Is there really such a thing as total non-gainers?

I may try hanging but heard it’s dangerous. As sensitive as my penis seems to be I’m reluctant to try it.

There must be something I’m missing. Maybe my body chemistry isn’t right. Maybe a growth hormone supplement would help to kick it off?

Why do some people see no gains for many months then suddenly grow? Is it just a matter of serious persistence or do I need to keep changing up? Wearing an ADS at good tension should have produced results by now.

Do you have to warm up before using a stretcher?
Is it possible to make gains with extremely light manual work?

I find I get good PI’S when I go real light with helping or stretching. But feel like there’s no way I could make gains at suck a low stress level.

Any more thoughts?

Insights are much appreciated, gents.


I can’t think of his name but one member gained 1/2 an inch of erect using the extender at a lower level then his BPEL. I think his BPEL was 6 and he was going at 5 3/4th and he got to 6 1/4th in a month or two. There’s room for low tension growth here I’d say.

Edit: He was in a thread with austfred or marinera I think.

Thanks for that insight.

I have more extender questions but I think I’ll peruse the extender forum first.


Originally Posted by madnasty
Thanks for that insight.

I have more extender questions but I think I’ll peruse the extender forum first.


Madnassty how old are you? when was the last time you taken a day or rest days off?

I’m 26.

I use ESL40 ADS all day at work, rest weekend and holidays.

I find the all day stretcher tricky cause it doesn’t apply constant tension. So I gotta sit a certain way to keep tension but blah. Maybe that’s my problem. Just picked up the PE Bible. Hopefully that’ll help with the growth process.

I’ve been pouring my intellectual abilities into this for many months and still struggling to see even a tiny gain.

I won’t give up til it works but I’m feeling very discouraged. I only want an inch in length and a bit of girth.

EQ is usually really good but gains aren’t coming.

Maybe I’ll add some manual work. I just find it ridiculously easy to overtrain when jelqing. I’m running out of ideas.

Apply less tension, do less reps, but nothing can be a substitute for jelqing IMHO.

You can also try pumping at low pressure levels with a bit of manuals.

I like that. I think I’ll give that approach a try.


No problem. :)

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