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Please help, blood

Please help, blood

I have been on the newbie routine for nearly a month. Last week on Tuesday I did my normal routine. Since I am in my fourth week I am up to 10 minutes if stretching and 275 3 second jelqs. So I warmed up as usual with a heating pad for 5 minutes. I like to do my jelqs first, then followed by stretching, and 100 kegels. I tend to end my session with a warm down shower. But when I got in the shower after finishing, I had the urge to pee. When I did, I was urinating straight red, blood. Some large clots came out. A little while later I urinated again, but was normal, no blood. I have since stopped PEing thinking that I somehow overworked myself. The blood didn’t show up until I got a little horny and masturbated on Friday. I just happened to look down at what I thought was pre-cum leaking out, but saw blood again. And today, I had a nice woody going on, and after that subsided I went to pee about 20 minutes later. Blood again in my urine! It seems that I only get the blood during or after I get hard. So I am thinking that I somehow burst some blood vessels in my penis, and everytime I get hard, it leads to the wound re-opening and bleeding again. Does this sound plausible to anyone, or does this sound like something more serious? I do not have any insurance at the moment, so I would like to avoid a doctor’s visit if this was something resulting from my PEing. I have no pain or any other symptoms so I know it isn’t kidney stones, and since I am 25 and in great heatlh I have no reason to believe anything is causing this other than me PEing. Any thoughts?

You just want to have sort of a stronger ballooning effect while jelqing. Seems you’re gripping WAY too hard. Dry jelqs? LUBE it or LOSE it ;) . Seriously, dry jelqs are a pain. I’ve never had blood before, but I overworked 2x. One little one and another moderate one on top of it and I took 5 days off and I was fine afterwards. I suggest for blood take a week to 2 off and see how it is. It will heal most definitely, but you do anything more until it’s fully healed chances aren’t in your favor probably.

Well actually, I can’t say most definitely. That’s wrong, what I mean is: Take a week or two off, maybe more, and if it doesn’t clear up get it checked out. If that happened to me I would probably get it check out asap if it keeps reoccurring (hopefully you’re not doing PE at the moment or wanking) so it can fully heal. Then ease back into it and don’t be soo forceful.

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I always use lube. Dry jelqing seemed harder than using a little lube. This all started immediately after PEing on Tuesday last week, and only shows up again if I get a nice erection. That leads me to think that I over did it PEing and not something medical, say kidney stones or something more serious. The blood has only appeared 3 times so far. Right after PEing on Tuesday, while I was wanking it on Friday, and then today after I had a serious erection going on (damn roommate walks around in a thong!). Blood only appears when I urinate right after PEing and/or and erection. Some did seep out the tip while I was wanking it. I downed some water right afterward I urinated with blood each time to pee again and no blood then or the rest of the day. So that’s why I think when my penis gets hard and fills with blood it re-injures the blood vessels, breaking them open. I would head to the Doc right away if this didn’t start right after PEing. Seems like a waste of money.

I am planning on taking atleast a month off from PEing just to make sure everything is ok. I think I was applying too much pressure with my jelqs, maybe was a little too erect also.

Though if this continues after 2 weeks I know something is seriously wrong and will head to the Doc. The hard part (no pun intended), is trying not to get an erection for atleast a week so as to allow things to fully heal.

I don’t find dry jelqing the tiniest bit hard. It just feels great to me :D


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