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Please help, any similar symptoms

Please help, any similar symptoms

Hey, I have been PEing about a month now and I know that I should not be worrying too much. However, this is my situation..

My flaccid hang has increased hugely. As great as this is for going nude in public, it does not help me in bed. My erect length/BPEL and girth have possibly not increased at all. They seemed larger at first, but then I took a rough measurement only to find that I haven’t grow at all.

Any PE suggestions or anything at all??

I’m sure most guys here can relate..

Waiting sucks.

How much are you stretching? That is how I got my first length gains. Also, one month? Don’t give up, this is a long term commitment.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Work consistently with a good routine.. No skipping or being lazy. I’d give it at least 3 months before you expect to see any real results. If you are worried about it.. Measure yourself now and mark the results down.. Work on PE’ing for 2 or 3 months straight, with no measuring in between, no matter how anxious you get.. Then measure at the end of 3 months.. Talk about motivation after you see you’re NEW length! Happy Gainings, if you work it, they will come..



In general, FL & BPFSL gains tend to be a sign of things to come. A gain in flaccid hang usually precedes a gain in erect length, so “hang in there”. :D

As for measurements, many guys measure incorrectly the first time, so you may, in fact, have had an EL gain.


Hey man, same here I’ve been PEing for a month and my flacid is a lot bigger although erect is only slightly bigger. Also it seems a lot more elastic.. Eww.


Patience guys, patience. The gain in flaccid says you are on the right track. The rest will come in time. Also, when did you measure. I tend to think that measuring on the evening of an off day will give you more accurate measurement. But that’s just my opinion.


Oh, I will most DEFINITELY stay with it.

But God, I hate waiting..

I guess I’ll just deal with it.

Aside from my once per day PE session before I go to bed, I stretch almost any chance I get, like watching TV, etc.. Just give it some light stretching up, down, and to either side.

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