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Please Explain "LOT"

Please Explain "LOT"

I am new to PE but have had good gains with hanging and jelqing already,Can some one explain what is mean by LOT .


Please review the Important Newbie Threads/Info and use search engines. But to answer your question quickly. BiB’s theory that one’s starting LOT correlates with how much more length can be gained thru ligament stretching alone. Pull your flaccid away from your body and kegel then change angles, when the kegel no longer produces a visible pull that is your LOT on a 12 to 6 clock, 9 being 90 degrees. The lower the LOT the looser your ligaments are theoretically. I have been gaining well on 7:30 so I am not sure how the LOT theory applies to me as of yet.

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LOT is confusing. I’ve been here awhile and read a lot. Did a search and I still don’t get it. Is there a glossary of terms on site?

I tried the kegel / LOT test. At 12 o’clock I have a lot more pull than at 9. At 6 o’clock I have almost no pull. What is this telling me?

Originally Posted by monument
I tried the kegel / LOT test. At 12 o’clock I have a lot more pull than at 9. At 6 o’clock I have almost no pull. What is this telling me?

It’s telling you that you’re the same as every other guy who doesn’t have freakish ligs. The idea is that you hold a moderate stretch straight up at 12 o’clock and kegel. You’ll see the tugback. Then you slowly move your penis down the clock, maintaining the stretch and kegeling every few seconds. When you visibily notice that your penis does not tugback when you kegel, you’re at your LOT. This is the best that I can explain it; if I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

I don’t understand how the 12:00 and 6:00 ect work. Can someone please explain?

Also one other question with LOT, how do you stretch the penis when finding LOT? I can’t seem to get a good picture of the head.

Here’s the text of a PM I just sent to Monument. No reason to keep it to ourselves:

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
To read up on LOT, do an advanced search and look for the word LOT in any of my posts. KOG’s article on LOT (bottom left of your screen) is not a bad place to start. I’ve added a bit to the end of that, from when I was trying to figure this all out a few months ago.

LOT is easy to understand if you see first that the penis is attached to the body at essentially 2 points: the pubic symphysis (pubic bone) via the ligaments and the pubic ramii (the loop shaped bones you sit on) via the separated sections of the corpora cavernosa.

When you pull on your penis, one or both attachment points take the stress. Which one takes the stress depends on the angle you’re pulling at. If you pull your penis straight up, your ligs probably become lax, so all the stress is being borne by the CC’s as they attach to the pubic ramii (the CC’s start out fused together at your penis, but diverge into two separate branches within the body. They attach like ligaments to the left and right ramii).

If you pull straight down, the stress is probably being borne by the ligs. The CC’s (at least the part inside the body) are probably lax.

Somewhere between these 2 positions is a tipping point, where the stress transfers from CC’s to ligs. This tipping point is called your LOT.

As it turns out, Kegeling causes the CC’s near the pubic ramii to be pulled back slightly. Try it while pulling your penis straight up. Grip just below the glans on either side. It helps to look in the mirror sideways while you’re doing it. While Kegeling at high angles, the ligs are out of the way (lax), so you see a big tug-back effect. At lower angles, however, your ligs usually limit how far you can pull out your penis. At this point, the CC’s become lax and Kegeling does not cause a visible change in the position of your glans. Internally, Kegeling is still pulling back as before, but, since your ligs are limiting the extension of your penis, Kegeling just pulls on a lax structure (the CCs), and no change is observed outside the body.

12 o’clock is straight up, 6 o’clock is straight down. Find the angle (time) at which tugback while Kegeling stops, and you’ve found your LOT.

A high LOT (9 or higher) usually bodes well for fast, easy gains. By hanging SD or BTC, you stretch the ligaments and cause your unit to ride lower. The change in position of your unit causes more of your penis, which was previously inside your body, to be expressed outside your body, where it will do you some good!

The more you hang, the lower your LOT generally becomes. Once it gets below 7, you get to join the hard(er) gainers club, where length gains in the actual shaft (CC’s) are required to add more inches. Shaft gains are usually harder than lig gains, but still quite possible.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Thank you for such a great explanation. Plain and to the point!
I’m very new to PE and this forum. 3 days to be exact.
Here’s a question for you:
If it was possible wouldn’t it be best to just stretch the penis STRAIGHT out (hitting both sides at the same time)? Say, if you could lie on your stomach and somehow have no obstruction to pull/hang your penis straight out from your body. Or is there such a thing as a best angel for stretching ligs versus CC?
I will check my LOT, but I’m afraid it’s very low. No worries though.. Two days of the newbie routine and I feel FANTASTIC.
There’s so much difference, particularly in flaccid size, that I’m in shock!

Thank you for the info.

Hey, Asbigas,

Welcome to the forum! The reason to focus on one structure at a time (either ligs or tunica) has to do with dividing and conquering. Many people believe that hanging works because the tissues plastically deform, i.e., stretch beyond a point where they can recover to their original size after the stretching force is removed.

It takes considerable force to plastically deform tissues. Because you can only hang so much weight before your skin or other parts of your penis are damaged, you generally want to focus the force on a small amount of tissue at a time. It’s easier to stretch less tissue than more.

This could mean isolating ligs from tunica, or even isolating certain lig bundles from others. Generally, the more successful you are at isolating smaller and smaller bits of tissue, the more successful you will be at deforming them and, thus, gaining.

LOT is a complicated matter. I’ve changed my position on LOT since my earlier post above. If you look at the LOT Simulator or the Testing thread, you’ll see that the jury is still out on whether one’s LOT really means anything about lig potential. So, I’m glad that you’re not worried about your LOT. It probably means nothing.

The newbie routine is awesome. I hope you don’t even think about hanging for at least 2 or 3 months. I got my best gains from the newbie routine.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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I have alot of tugback at all angles 6 being as strong a tugback as 12. What is the kicker is I can feel about 4 inches of inner penis under my sac. Am a lost cause?

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Originally Posted by xefon
Am a lost cause?

Nope. Read, learn, and do the newbie routine. Lots of people with low LOTs have been big gainers. Like I said, it probably means nothing.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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