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Please check my PE Schedule & also the Questions.

Please check my PE Schedule & also the Questions.

Hi Guys,

Q1.Please check my PE Routine

2 days on,1 off.
3-5 Mins warm water wrap (In the beginning and at the end),
3-4 Mins of Stretching in different directions,
200 - 300 Jelqing,
3-5 Ulis.
40 to 70 Kegels spread out all through out the day.

Q2. The problem is I haven’t seen much of the growth in my size in penis since I have been doing it from 1.5 to 2 months.I had a few Cm’s of change only. Is this normal?

Q3. Also, needed to ask you after doing 30 to 40 jelqing my erection of 60 to 80% subsides, I stroke it thinking of something and get it back to the place of erection 60 to 80% and then continue, is that technique right?.

Q4. And lastly I do kegels more when my penis is Flaccid around 30 - 50 Kegels and 20 - 30 Kegels when erect, is that alright?

Assuming you’re just starting out:

A1. Do warmup/warmdowns for AT LEAST 5 minutes. Do more stretching, eg 10 minutes, and increase the time and/or number of sets. Finally do your kegels in a concentrated space of time, 5 seconds each, 100 of these will take you about 15 minutes but it will give you way better results than doing it spaced throughout the day (do that as well! :) )

A2. A few cm increase is perfectly normal for the first few months and better than what many people will see in that time. You’re doing fine.

A3. That’s basically what I do. Except I just chuck some porn on to keep me constantly excited so I have to stroke it even less frequently. But if you don’t want to use porn what you’re doing is fine.

A4. I don’t think it makes any difference if your penis is erect or not while doing kegels. All I recommend is you can throw in some kegels while your jeqing to get extra engorgment. Be careful though, this will increase the intensity of the jelq quite a lot. You’ll be fine as long as you take it easy at first to see what you can take.

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