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Please Advise

Please Advise

I began a small PE routine about 2 months ago taken from I was 7.5x5.75 in. Several years ago, but I began lifting weights and gaining weight which weakened my erection strength and lowered me all of a sudden to 6.5x5 in. I have been doing the following routine every other day for 2 months: 1) Warm Up 5min. 2) 5seconds forward, 5 down, 5 up, 5 left, 5 right- one handed stretches for 25 sets. 3) 100 one handed jelqs (alt. Hands) but I have an erection issue that makes it take a lot of time. 4) Sit stretch for 1 min. 5) 25 circle stretches (rotating around). 6) warm down. I am now 7x5.5 in. And about 4 by 4 flaccid, but still have an erection weakness. Also every off day I do 5 long kegels (I can hold for 20 seconds now) and just started doing 100 extra a day. What should I do from here, and are there any jelqs that one can do with a 50 percent erection?

Firstly, lifting weights do not reduce penis size, but gaining weight of fat will reduce the visible penis size. Routine seems well put together although I think it is more effective to have 10minutes of stretches at 20seconds each direction. For the stretching and jelqing time, increase over time. You can jelq at any erection level, although

imo below 30 is useless.

Good luck.

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Good advice thanks.

Hey consequencer, that sounds like a good routine.

Concerning erections - do you ejaculate often? If you do, try to cut back until normal erections return.

No I have never ejaculated during the routine; but good advice.

Somewhat on the subject, I have also not gotten morningwood in over a year. I have heard some people say that it may be related to what stage of sleep that different people awake in and I have been on medication that helps me sleep for almost a year and a half. Also from what I could glean off of these boards, it may be a problem of overweightness/ poor circulation or psychological. It would be helpful if someone could shed light clear on the subject.

Currently 7.25x5.5 in.; 5.75 midshaft Trying to be 9x6.5 in.

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