Please Add - What Devices Do You Use?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been a long time T-board admirer & I wanted to leave some tips while, at the same time asking for your advice!

Traction device = X4 labs, highest level with all attachments.
Here some Essentials for traction:
-Heating pad
-Pre stretch hanging weights
-Moisturizer for lower shaft (tension pulls skin)

Areas I need to improve:
1.) Stretching penis beforehand:
Omitting jelqing, I need a device that will stretch the tissues with precision. What’s the best hanger you all have tried?

***My advice and protocol:
1.) Heating pad to warm penile tissues, blood flow.
2.) This is where I am asking questions - I need to use hanging weights or something that stretches the penis reliably before I attach the device.
3.) X4 device goes on so tight with glands poking out of top for max tension. Tightness causes numbness. Heating pad applied and thus goes away.
4.) Lay flat on my back in bed, device laying flat on stomach, which gives highest tension & results. 4 hours straight, urinate, 4 hours again.

***Best Results
High tension, hands down. Firstly, you need to develop and ungodly pain threshold. It’s a long agonizing pain. However, every time I hold through, there is a period where I feel the splitting. I’d go into the biology here but I assume you all know what this is.
Low tension? Eh.. Sure, the pain is less intense but the splitting is just not as massive. It’s less than 50% as effective as holding high tension.

I’m interested to hear about hanging weights, pumps, and pre-traction methods you guys use!
I’ve read on this forum but I have a hard time believing anything not based in science facts. On the same coin, the heating pad idea came from this forum & you guys are 100% correct - it works like a charm.
How about you all?