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playing music while jelqing? anyone?


playing music while jelqing? anyone?

HI PEers,

It’s me again. I started newbie routine last month and noticed that whenever I jelq (and trying to count my strokes), I tend to jelq faster than I wanted to. I know intensity in jelqing is more important than the number of strokes.

So instead of counting the strokes, I now play 3 songs during my jelqing exercise (about 13 minutes). Rather than focus on how many strokes I have done, I would focus on intensity of jelqs. This way I am not bothered by counting my strokes and I can focus on 2-3 sec per jelq. I feel more relaxed.

Has anyone done this before???

PS: So when I increase the intensity of my routine, I would add another song to make the rountine longer.

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On a serious note, I’ll bet most people watch porn. If music works, that sounds like a good plan. I know my gym workouts vary quite a bit depending on the music I’m listening. I listen to quite a bit of “German Style” industrial where beats per minute are sometimes even listed on the album. I notice on the treadmill, I find myself pacing with the beats. So I guess while jelquing, you could have a slow warmup song, speed it up, and then slow it down again. Your length of workouts will be consistant if you use the same songs so you’ve got a great idea there.

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“Beat It” (Michael Jackson) ?

Gut Scrambler,

Yes, I do play the same songs. So when I add another one, it will mean I have increased the time for jelqing.

I do play rather soft ballads like “Don’t Know Why” (by Norah Jones). I like the soft ballads when I try to jelq slowly with great intensity. I noticed that whenever I tried to count my strokes, I either lost counts (got all frustrated), or tried to do it too fast cuz I wanted to get it done.

With music, I know I can focus on the intensity during my 3 song period.

Does anyone do this besides me? Do you always count the strokes? I don’t.

I think it is a great idea it could help as a time keeper to set the pace for slow jelqing.

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Hi King,

From what I have read, jelqing slowly with good intensity is better than jelqing fast and out of pace. So the purpose of the music is calm myself down to focus on my strokes. I even close my eyes when I jelq so I can feel the pressure and tightness of my penis.

Who closes their eyes when they jelq? LOL

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Kubchaser, I sometimes jelq when I’m about to sleep, lights off, in bed laying down.

Originally Posted by kubchaser

Who closes their eyes when they jelq? LOL

When first learning how your dick should feel when jelqing, closing your eyes is a very good idea. I still do sometimes.

Good way to do it kubchaser. I just use a timer so I don’t need to coun the number of jelqs.

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i dont know how you guys do it, I start at 80% and do 25 jelqs or so and its down to 10%.

OK but has anyone played guitar or sax or drums or something while jelqing?

How did that work out?

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Originally Posted by Whalmak

i dont know how you guys do it, I start at 80% and do 25 jelqs or so and its down to 10%.

Try this, after every jelq do one or two kegels, if necessary make a tourniquet grip at the base when doing the kegels.

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I usually play DDR (which has some sweet tunes) during my workout. I’ve considered incorporating Guitar Hero into the mix, but I figure this is too advanced a technique as I need to jelq at a high erection level to press the keys. I’ll try it once I hit the 3 month mark. Any ideas/advice?

Same thing here. I focus more on intensity. Last time I counted how many strokes I did for 10 mins. It was roughly 130-150. I tried to keep 200 strokes but I tend to lose balance and do it faster. So Even if I don’t meet 200 strokes, I focus on intesity now. I tend to jelq range 3-4 seconds.

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