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I’ve been using a penis extender for the past 6 months, I’ve gained .75 inch in length. I feel like I stopped growing. It’s been about a month and no gains. Should take a break from it and focus on another exercise? Maybe jelqing?

I’ve only been using my penis extender and after having read and had others explain what plateauing really is seems I’ve hit it.

So should I take a break? Or jelq… I don’t really want to stop completely but I will stop extending for a bit.

Not sure how long. Any insight would be much appreciated.



Also I still wake up with a rock hard erection so my PIs aren’t suffering.

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You may have reached the end with this equipment. These are probably the gains you’d have got with a manual routine in half the time or less.

Unfortunately you may have made your penis very resistant to change now, especially during the time you haven’t been gaining.

So you need to change your PE but the route forward is perhaps debatable.

Option 1 attempt to disrupt the penis, you’ve been working length, work girth and maybe continue with the extender. In other words build up fairly quickly (within reason) to a quite intense girth session and then slap on the extender again and see whether you can eke out some more gains.

Option 2 would be to increase the stress more. So if you can’t do that with your extender, hanging would potentially be a route forward.

Of course there are plenty of other options and neither of these may produce the results you want. The big question is how much you’ve hardened your penis to change. So

Option 3 take a 6 month deconditioning break.

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Hmm I could do more tension…I was wearing it at 1600 g yesterday for about an hour. So that could work.

What about a higher tension and jelqing?

Also wasn’t really using tons of tension maybe 900 g max.

Would that harden me? Lol

If it doesn’t break you it makes you stronger. Yeah, not enough tension to grow = perfect tension to harden.

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So an extender is like hanging, you just add more weight (tension)

Thanks a lot Memento

I vote for hanging. Always do. But jelq would be an interesting alternative.

Swap it up. Plateaus are normal.

I would hang, but small apartment and there is always home.

>So an extender is like hanging, you just add more weight (tension)<

In some ways yes, in other ways no. Hanging is normally greater tension for shorter periods, extending is much less tension but longer periods. The thing that has the effect is the period/tension combination and it’s not easy to say how you might react. There are examples from each with no gains. You have to suck it and see to some extent and monitor a lot.

As Buster says, plateaus are normal and you have to adapt your routine, to compensate for your penis having adapted to your current routine but it’s worth thinking that you have been training your penis to resist stress in a particular direction, which might give you opportunities to grow using methods that confound that expectation.

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Yeah, I get ya on that, Dinosaur.

I’d say roll with what you can be most consistent about. But you know, let’s say a dude could do one workout one week because of his living situation, and another (more optimal) workout another week, because the living situation changed. And back and forth.

That would still be beneficial in that, as long as the penis isn’t mangled by over-training, positive PIs would likely result.

I think in the end it is about respecting principles and showing up for duty on schedule!

Thanks guys, I’ve increased tension from 900 to around 1100 - 1200. I’ve also adding some jelqing (150) and a 10 min clamping session. I’m still getting PIs but my clamp isn’t an actual clamp. It’s 3 ponytails, seems to get the job done.

You guys think the clamp is overkill?

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