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I’ve been doing PE for about 5 months now and have increased my E length from 5.75” to an honest 6.50”, girth from 4.75” to 5.25”. I now seem to be at a standstill, I do PE exercises 6 times a week, my workout consists of heat wraps, jelquing (400reps), heat wraps and stretching, (20reps/20secs each) then more heat. I have not made any gains at all the last month or so, is this common to gain at a slower rate after initial gains?

comments please!


Hey Ric,

A lot of guys see great intial gains and then the gains slow down or seem to stop completely. Some guys find that taking an extended break helps to restart the gains.

If your current routine is not giving you a good workout, change it. If it is not producing the results you want to see, try something different. Try to avoid changing your routine too often, give it a chance to work, if it doesn’t after a reasonable time, move on to another one.

Hope that helps!

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Ric… Thunder is correct…

I started PE 1 year ago in January 2001. by the end of June I had gained 3/4 inch in length and 1/2 in girth.

6.5 ELBP x 5.5 EG

Then it all stopped. Purchased the Bib Hanger thinking that a change to the routine would start things up again. Had problems with swelling etc. but got them corrected by mid November. When I measured on December 31, low and behold I gained a 1/8 inch in ELBP.

All this time I kept in there and worked other angles. Just DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!

Regards Canuck


I have went three months with no gain, than I mix up the workout and or take some time off. That has always worked for me.


Hey guys I’m new. I’ve never done anything like this before as far as penis exercises. However, i’m not happy with my size, and I feel I need help. I don’t know any exercises, if someone could openly educate me, or e-mail me routines, or instructions on how to perform any exercises and techniques that would be great.


The best, is not enough.

Basic Routines

Suggest you read the “Message to Newcomers and Vets” at PE Forums…hp?s=&forumid=4

(Since there is “miles” of stuff for a “newbie” to learn that has already been written.)


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