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Plateau with ADS. Decon break or not.


Hey topshotta, what kind of silicone sleeve are you using?

Started May 2010- 5.9 BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

January 18, 2011- 7.0 inches/17.7cm BPEL X 5.5 MSEG

Goals- 8.0nbp X some more base girth

Narrator, sorry didn’t even see your post, but these last few weeks I have been doing more jelqs. I dont think that the reduced EQ will become permanent, unless you do something about it. My EQ is practically where it used to be now. I took a 3-4 day break off of my ADS and all PE (except edging), then I got back into it with a better more consistant mindset (kinda).

It could definately be some overtraining with your routine, I just didn’t really mind the loss of EQ cause I’m young and I think I’m invincible. If your EQ is struggling and your still doing the same routine, without breaks then your EQ will eventually suffer. If you stop for a while I believe it will gradually get better by itself. I’m pretty sure that’s why guys say “if you suffer an injury take a break until the morning wood comes back” or something along those lines. Definately though I added more kegels and more jelqs and my EQ is pretty fine most of the time. Morning wood and all.

What I would suggest you do is add more kegels in your routine and take a break more often. How many days on/off do you do?

Passwurdz, I use a silicoe cup ADS with the leg strap.

I don’t think using an ADS or extender can require a decon break properly said (weeks or months of rest), because intensity is way too low. Instead you should switch to something else for at least two months IMHO.

If I attach the strap from my ADS too far down my leg (thus creating significantly higher tension) it kills my EQ in a single 1 hour session. This can take days to recover from. I have a particularly sensitive unit however.

When I hang or use my ADS, I generally feel I’ve over done it if my unit doesn’t come out of long and heavy and remains in that state for hours afterwards.


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