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Plan of action

Plan of action

Because my computer is crapping out on me I am going to post my questions as edits so I do not continue to lose info, just give the thread a few minutes and it will be complete.. Thanks!

Just began the newbie routine. 10 min warmup. 10 min stretch. 200 2-3 second jelqs. Haven’t started kegals yet but will soon.

1.) In stretching, I’ve been doing the front, left, right, down, up and a variation of the VA stretch. Because my dick isnt big enough to go fully around my wrist yet I’ve been using two fingers or my thumb. Anything else I should add?

2.) In jelqing, I’ve been doing 200 2-3 second jelqs, more like 2 second though. Is this slow jelq the best way for a beginner to go?

3.) I’ve been going 6 days on, 1 day off. Need more rest? My penis doesnt generally get sore but I feel some soreness at times over veins that are just beginning to become prominent while jelqing.

4.) I have the problem of constantly getting full erections when both stretching and jelqing, it forces me to continue stopping during my routine. I know I can’t jelq with an erection more than 80%.. Can I stretch with a semi? Ideas?

5.) Anything else recommended I do?

6.) How important are kegals?

7.) How does the measurment system here work. Erect length x flacid length at the bottom of posts? Sorry I have to look around here for a definition.

Thanks so much everyone, I’ve been browsing here for the last month, thought it was time to post!

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Really? Lol, nobody?

Every man who didn’t take pictures at the beginning has regretted it. Measure every single way and photograph and write down every single different measurement. Measure from the top and sides, bone-pressed to ouch-that’s-really-bone-pressed, with a cock ring on and with a cock ring off, on viagra, not on viagra, etc. Etc. There are literally a hundred different ways to measure and if I could go back, I wouldn’t done every single one.

BPEL means Bone-Pressed Erect Length. I’m sure you can figure out the rest with that.

I only kegel before jelqs at higher erections. Forces blood in there increasing intensity. Some guys like to do a couple hundred kegels a day but I lack the fortitude for that.

Stay on the well-founded newbie routine. The majority of gains in the PE world can be contributed to it.

Jelqing is an artform, and you’ve really got to figure out what’s best for you. Experiment with jelqing at different erection levels. Jelq in different directions and using different kinds of grips. Ultimately you have to learn how to read your body and what ultimately works best for you. Sparkyx’s PI article deals with this topic and is a great place to start. 6 on 1 off seems a bit heavy to start, but no one’s the same and you’ve got to listen to your body.

Just stay on the newbie routine, use lots and lots of heat, listen to your penis, and continue your education here. The Articles forum here is a must-read and a good place to start.

Wow man I really appreciate your time jack and I will take everything you said into consideration.


Nice user name.

Here’s a glossary.

I recommend taking gingko.

Thanks so much Sonny. I guess the most important consistant measurements to take are the BPEL and the EG. I did today, I was 7 3/8 BPEL and 5 5/8 EG. I actually think I’ve gained since starting a few weeks ago!

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