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places to pe?


places to pe?

I’m a newbie at this stuff and just recently started but I’ve come to find that it’s hard to find a time or place to do PE. I still live at home so there’s almost someone home whether it’s a sibling or parent. I’m lucky if I can do PE 2 times a week. Any suggestions on how to do it on the down low?

Put a lock on your bedroom door? and then turn the radio on.

Just tell your parents that you need a sense of privacy

Build a nuclear fallout shelter in your backyard.

Another option: Is it possible to stay up later or get up earlier than the rest of your family? That’s the best way to achieve reliable privacy.

Seems easy enough if you just lock your door. I would hope your parents respect your privacy and don’t bother you while you’re in your own room. Just PE in there. Nothing makes a lot of noise or requires a lot of equipment except maybe pumping.

Just say you are constipated and lock yourself in the bathroom for a while. Otherwise Tork’s suggesstion was a good one. OR you could just tell your family you are doing stretching, pumping, and twisting exercises that will hopefully one day give you the bidggest dick in the world!! That will get them to leave you alone.


-If you got tv in your room, do PE when watching TV
-Like it was recommanded, wake up a bit earlier and do PE (personnaly when Im waking up, I dont really think about PE)

-Normally, Im in the bed at 9-9:30 pm. If I want to PE, well Im going in my room at 8:30 and start PEing.

Option 1 and 3 are the 1 that Im doing.

If the nuclear fallout shelter takes too much work, you could PM our member Wadzilla about his experiences with storage-locker jelqing.

I understand the difficulty, Mr. Koolaid. It’s awkward when you have a throbbing erection and lube all over the place and someone knocks on the door — taking 5 minutes to answer (every time!) is rather suspicious.

My suggestion

I have two small children who would start asking questions as soon as I disappear for awhile. I solved the privacy problem by doing my PE early in the morning before anyone is awake. You may not be a morning person, but if you are determined you can do it.


I agree with the idea of getting up earlier than the rest of your family, that´s what I do. When my mother asked me about my strange behavior, I just said that I wanted to do some exercise (like push ups, etc).

She never asked again. I know, it´s hard, but if you really want to gain, you have to sacrifice something.

I do my routine while I shower and some PE at night when I go to sleep (like 1 2am)

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thanks for all the replies. appreciate it!

looks like my nuclear shelter will come in handy after all!

The best thing to do bro is get up early like a few members have mentioned. That way you’ll able to do PE every day like me. Bye the way, in order to see quick gains you gotta PE every day with a day off twice a month. I’ve gained 3/4 inch in girth in a month. My girth is now up to 6 1/2 mid shaft. Anyway, I hate to get off topic but make sure you get up early or retire to bed last.

Just to add my input, the toilets at work are a good place ;)

Looking at the new videos kind of reminded me that I should be clamping here pretty soon. Especially since I want to get a fatty. But this is a big consideration as to where to do it.

It is too cold this time of the year to go into the woods or the garage with your hardware. Plus the time factor and the warm ups. So finding a private spot is a problem if you don’t live by yourself.

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