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Places not gone before

Places not gone before

The wife and I had a good go at it last night and it became apparent that she did notice the extra length and girth of the old unit. I have been hanging for only about a month now with previous hand stretching and jelqs. I heard her comment that I am “Touching her in places not touched before”.

This led to a more intense love session that we haven’t had in quite a few years.
With this in mind, I am convinced that the work that I have been doing so far is starting to pay off.

With a couple of kids (15 and 10) still at home it is very hard to keep a good routine consistent. I still do my hand stretches off and on throughout the day when time permits.
I have made it a point to plan some time away from home a weekend a month and go to the family cabin by myself to get a good two day work out. I am trying to devise a hanging weight that will travel well as I travel a lot for work.
I have been looking at a water bottle as a good prospect. This being that a gallon of water weighs 8.3452641 pounds. As I am still at the 6 pound stage of my hanging I will accomodate this by using less water. Also, I could use the bottle as a warm-up method. Thus serving two functions.

All comments and advise welcome,


Congrats!! Its great when you reach new far and beyond places! As far as the water bottle hanging I think the most important thing is how it’s being attached. As long as its not pinching or down to far on your glans it should be good. I don’t hang, but just what I’ve read here.

The use of the water bottle is for weight only.

It will be attached to the homemade hanger via the ring on the bottle.

The only time it will be next to the gland is when it is used as a heat source for warm-up time.

Nice work with the far reaching prodding! Make sure to do some fishing while you’re at the cabin. If you catch a big enough fish, you could always hang with that. :)

Here in the Pacific NW I go crabbing for Dungenes crabs.
And I ain’t about to hang a crab on my unit. There is a minimum of 40 lbs. of pressure in those claws.


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