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Piss Pulls

Piss Pulls

Hi, just a quick question about piss pulls.

I drink a lot of water so therefore I need tiebreaks at work. I’ve been doing some piss pulls while I’m at the toilet.

So. If lets just say my daily routine is 5x30sec pulls. Can I then just do 1 pull of 30s like 5 different times? Or will the effect be much better if I do the pull sets after each other?

That’s a good question that probably doesn’t have a definitive answer.

Try it one way and see if you gain. If you don’t, try it the other way. If neither works, try doing something more, or doing something else.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

How do you warm up? Piss pulls can be a good compliment to a proper PE routine.

I don’t warm up when doing piss pulls tho I’m only doing 1x30second session each time so not sure if I need warmup since it’s not a full workout.

I also sometimes take a fast 1-2 minutes clamping. Not sure if that has any effect tho :p

At the moment I’m doing several sets of manual stretching at home each night with a wench and then I do piss pulls during the day when I can. I usually hold them with ache as long as I can, usually 2 - 5 minutes, though I’ve done up to 20 minutes, just to keep my length during the day. I believe in it.. I’ve got stretch marks on the shaft and I certainly believe I’m gaining length decently, haven’t measured in about a week though.

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