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Piss-pulls a bad idea?

Piss-pulls a bad idea?

I know that some people suggest doing piss-pulls especially because they may be too busy with work and stuff to really set aside time. I was wondering though, isn’t this not such a great idea, because how do you really get to warm-up? I suppose the urine slightly warms up your penis, but not like we’re talking about. Any thoughts on this? I’m a newbie, been PEing for a month. Sometimes I just don’t have time to do the manual stretches and jelq, but I figured piss-pulls were a good idea. I haven’t tried them because I’m afraid of possible micro-tearing due to not preparing my penis enough to the stretch with enough warmth.

Note: I am asking a question and not declaring that a method used by many veteran members is a bad one.

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I never thought about it that way, but I do them every time I go to the restroom, I didn’t start until I was conditioned. Maybe you should wait till then.

In my opinion, as I have read the great scientific posts about how PE works, high tension short pulls results in a more rubbered state which means the ligaments, etc. will stretch easier but will return to their original size much easier, making long-term PE benefits much more difficult. I would only say one long pull but not too hard.

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