Pinching cramps

Hi fellas

I started the JPs beginners routine like 4 weeks ago. I did 5 days on and 2 days off for the first two weeks, and then changed to 2 days on and 1 off in the third week, as I was feeling like little pinching cramps down there. I want to think it is because I jelqued too erect, or maybe I am just overtraining. Whatever it is, I suppressed jelqing off the routine for this fourth week and I am just doing warming up and stretching very softly. The pinching sensation is going away, but I still be not 100% sure whether I should take a little break or not, as the JPs routine is stipulated to be done for 12 weeks..

Anyway, I am happy to say that just in four weeks that I have been doing this I already feel some gain. More than size, my tool is getting kind of thicker, my erections are stronger and my orgasms are getting longer, with more powerful cum shots. Its more like internal gains. I just wonder how its gonna be in one year of doing this.