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Hey guys, I’m just wondering how effective penis enlargement pills are. Anyone know if they actually work, or if they are a scam? I’m interested in trying some along with my routine to try and speed up the enlargement process. Any information on the subject would be much appreciated, thanks.


I don’t have experience with PE-pills but I have some knowledge in biochemistry, and from what I know there no molecules can give a permanent or long lasting effects (months or years) at least not in pill-form, tho.

If anyone could give me the contents of PE-pills I could check it out my sources at my uni. But generally the pills work on nervous system that cause the blood vessel dilatation, in your penis, and that’s just temporary, plus “no effects without some side effects”.

You should consider pill more critically => do some research


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forget the pills. There is not one single scrap of evidence that this do anything other tan line the pockets of the scumbags who market them.

You want to grow your dick you gotta do it the hard way. Hence PE and hence Thunders.

If you want to grow, start with the Newbie program and stick to the Newbie program.

There is NO substitute for hard work if you want a bigger dick.


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When I started thinking of having a bigger dick, I used one of the famous everybody buys kind of PE pills, tried 2 months, something really happened, I found my wallet is thinner, but my dick was not thicker. Then the newbie program, in 2 months 0.4” EL gain + 0.4” EG gain, and my wallet is thicker too. You got me?

Next to “Is masturbation bad for PE,” penis pills is probably the most common question here.

Here’s how they work and how you get lured into buying more: They all contain basically the same combo of supplements, a few of which will give you a very temporarily larger flaccid. You notice you hang heavier and think your cock is getting bigger. It isn’t. I don’t know of any vet here who believes there is a penis pill that really works.



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Don’t waste your money on pills.

If pills really worked every man in the world would have a giant dick

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