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Piercing and stretching

Piercing and stretching

Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone has a prince Albert and how it affects stretching. I have a relatively new piercing and have just found this site so I was just wondering if you had any tips for comfort ?

Cheers ,


If it is new/relatively new piercing, I personally wouldn’t practice any PE. You still run the risk of infection and you still don’t know if your body is going to accept this foreign object. Any added trauma could cause it to abscess and or migrate out. Just my opinion.

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I have a rather large prince albert. I take it out while doing PE and put back right after.

I experience a bit of swelling of the pierced area, but it disappears quickly.

I agree with KenObie, make sure that your piercing is properly healed before going at it full force. However the p.a. Is one of the fastest healing piercings, so I wouldn’t be to worried.

Best regards from a newbie.

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