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Today I am taking pictures of my penis flaccid and erected. I hope soon I will be able to post them. The reason is: I search through the pictures forum and even guys stating that they have a smaller than mine (I am 5,9 inch length not boned pressed) they look MUCH bigger. I think that mine is smaller. So maybe something is wrong with me when measuring.

Thank you for listening

Maybe you are a tall guy? I also find myself smaller than men that have smaller or similar measurements.
And I am 1m90 tall and weigh about 102.5kg, if I would be 1m70 I’m sure I would ‘think’ I’m huge.
I am about 16.5cm BPEL and yet it looks small, about 13.3cm in girth and still looks thin..

It is most likely a bad perception of yourself, or whatever you call it in English. It’s not fun, I know..

Thanks Pepsi

English is not my native language as well. I am Greek. I am 1,80 and 70kg. I feel that mine looks childish!! Earlier went for a peeing and I again lost my confidence. I said to myself. You never going to look like the guys in the pictures.


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