Phallosan Forte Uncut Problems

Hey guys,

I’ve been using the Phallosan forte for about 6 days now.

I am uncut and as such I’m having a problem with minor skin pinching when I sit down, doesn’t matter whether I put the condom on holding the skin back or leaving it forward.

Also, when I take it off after a few hours my glans is enlarged and slightly purple, I know this usually means blood is being cut off but I figured because it’s enlarged it means blood is being drawn in.

And, what tension do you guys use it on? I’ve been on mid-top green but after the first few days I don’t feel a pull anymore but every time I check it is on the proper tension


- Anyone have any ideas on how to stop the skin pinching aside from marksmen wrapping? Obviously uncut guys Phallosan experience would be preferable here.

- Is this safe or not?

- What tension do you guys use?