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Peyronnies disease

Peyronnies disease

Hey all,

Hi I’m a new member and I have a case of peyronnies disease. It’s not the conventional form, ie a curve, but an Ultrasound has revealed some scar tissue. I heard on another forum that this place is great for PD. Can someone please lead me to a sub-forum/group or even pm me concerning PE and PD.



In doing a bunch of research some time back, I came across two possible treatments for peyronies, and one of the places I found them mentioned was the website of the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. They are Gotu Kola and Bromelain.

Bromelain is a natural derivative of pineapple, and it helps the body digest protein. The idea is that it can help the body break up the scar tissue that causes problems. Gotu Kola is an eastern supplement, one I believe that has been used for some time. While I’ve seen claims that it can do a number of different things, I believe the use in treating peyronie’s is it helps tissues heal, connective tissue specifically.

I do not have any first hand experience with these supplements but they are being used in therapy, to what effect, I do not know. Good luck.

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Hmmmm. I wouldn’t say Thunder’s Place is great for Peyronnie’s since we don’t have a specific forum or many threads about it. It does get discussed now and then, but I don’t think we know any more about it than any other place.

Welcome to both of you.

Peyronnies and traction

I Joined With The Hope Of Getting Exercises For Peyronnies Didease.( With Pe As A Bonus)

More And Evidence Is Coming To Light That Traction And Stretching Considerably Improve The Condition And Sometimes Cure It - A Minimum Of 6 Months Is Suggested For Correction Of Deformity - Though If The Curve Is In The Right Place You Might Just Find It Easier To HIT A Girl’s “g Spot”!

Also Vitamin E 400 Iu, 3 Times Aday Is Supposed To Help The Discomfort.

It Is Very Early Days Yet, But I Do Believe I Am Getting Benefit On Both Counts

(And The Wife Is Not Complaining!)

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