Hey everyone,

This fits into the injury forum but I cannot post there yet and would like advice.

Since clamping I’ve noticed two indents in my right CC. On the underside it’s like the upper CC isn’t filling, I feel a big ridge when I get to CS. On the top side about an inch from base I noticed another indent. Left side is beautiful bulging and thick.

I’m not sure how long these have been present, if I’m only noticing it now because of clamping temporary gains emphasizing it. I do notice these areas are softer while erect and I can bend it while erect in that direction.

I cannot feel anything irregular while flaccid. I think it’s likely this is still scar tissue/peyronies related and want to start a dmso and iodine regiment.

Do I keep clamping or switch to a lighter routine while doing the dmso mixture?

Are there any other suggestions on how to proceed?

I’ve made a doctor’s appointment but it will be months before I get in.