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Peyronies disease and penis exercising

Peyronies disease and penis exercising


I have some problems with my penis, which is really depressing. First of all, I have never been happy with my penis,
It’s 15-16 cm in length and 13-14 cm in girth. I am 190cm high and well built, therefore I think it’s small. I’m pretty happy with my girth, but I want a longer and harder erection. If I could get 19-20 cm length and harder erection, I would be very happy. For about 9 months ago my penis got injured, due to too much masturbating I think. 3 months ago I went to see an urologist, and he told me I was right and that it was Peyronie disease. I’m so f****** unlucky! He told me to do nothing, and wait a year to see what will happen. My penis has not getting any better, and my erection is not good at all.

I am thinking about starting the newbie routine (or linear newbie routine) slowly,
To see if my penis can get better and stronger, and maybe heal the disease.

Do you guys have any thought or suggestions? Do you think it may work? I will upload pictures of my penis this week, so that you
Can see what I’m talking about.

Anybody? :(

I’ve always had peyronies disease (curvature going up), and I think it is either genetic or it might possibly be due to trauma as a child (I got hit in the balls or got hit there inadvertently). Also, I remember when I was a kid I would always put my flaccid penis up while I’m sleeping (wore tight undies as a kid), and it prob grew up like that. Either way, I know that this is hiding much of my penile length. If Ipush my penis down, I get a significantly longer unit. PE has def. Helped me with peyronies disease, but for me I’ve never had consistent gains. Any pros think that I would get consistent gains if I started out with some light hanging and then eventually heavy hanging? I feel like that would straighten out my penis a lot more (jelqing has helped a bit).

Both pumping and stretching have been indicated to reduce curvature and in cases enchance erection quality in clinical studies.

You should also take a look at: Acetyl L-Carnitine. There have been some promising results from regular use of this amino acid for improvement of the disease.

You may also wish to consider Cialis and/or Viagra.

Obviously consult a physician before beginning any of the above.

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