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Personal preference

Personal preference

I am new to PE and this is my first post, though I have been lurking on this site for days, but my question is do you guys prefer to do your jelqing sitting down or standing up? For those of you, who have seen specific gains, your input would be most appreciated. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any other threads on this, and if there are and I’m some asshole for posting this please go easy on me (I’ve got enough insecurities as it is).

Seems like a valid question to me. I actually do it lying down sometimes, occasionally standing or walking around, but most times it is seated right at the edge of the chair or bed. The best explanation I can give for this method for me is that I feel more stretch and pressure in that position, additionally if sitting with legs somewhat apart it seems like I can grip much closer to the body on the root and have a more effective stroke. Another factor in this choice of position for me is that my strokes are more downward pressure than outward and my shoulders and arms seem to not tire as easily preforming that motion.

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I.m almost done with the newbie routine and I jelq sitting down and I have made gains I have not measured in two weeks, and will not measure for another two weeks when I am done with the newbie routine.

This is my second time starting over because I had a hard time sticking to it (schedule and all) but I have made pretty good gains I think. will know more in a couple of weeks.

You just have to find what works good for you to get your gains.

I do it also sitting down. I just seem to get better stretch that way.

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Sitting on the edge of the toilet seat with legs spread about 45-degrees. This position allows me to get to the very base of my unit and to exert a lot of force.

Standing and lying down are both inferior, IMO. Standing limits how far toward the base you can grip. Lying down makes you fight gravity.

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Thank you gentlemen for your opinions, and I must say that this site is comprised of potentially the nicest people ever.. Way more cordial than any other message board I have ever encountered.

I do it laying down.

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I do it sitting at the edge of a desk chair.

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I do it laying down. With my penis point towards the bed. Seems to help the blood flow and alot easier for me to grip it.

If I am doing a serious routine (meaning it is the only thing I’m focusing on) then I will do it standing in front of a mirror. Otherwise, I will do it sitting or laying down.

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I do it standing and using the under hand grip.

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