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Personal observation about kegels and EQ

Personal observation about kegels and EQ

I’ve been kegeling for a while now and in the past few weeks I have found that doing short and fast contractions gives me better erections than doing long holds.
I used to kegel only doing long, very tight, holds from anywhere between 20 seconds to a full minute. I would really clench as tight as I possibly could and would hold it. It definitely did help with my erections, but it wasn’t very consistent. I didn’t have a problem getting aroused, but it felt like there was a 50/50 shot at getting a really great erection.

Now I think that I realize that I may have been trying way too hard, because my really great erections have been more consistent due to the fact that I have changed up my kegeling routine to mostly short and fast bursts of contractions. Not only do they give me a better and more consistent erection quality, but they also seem a lot easier to do than the long, tight holds for an extended amount of time.

Just a simple observation that I thought was worth sharing.

Good to know. That makes me feel a little bit better because I have trouble holing kegels. I can sometimes hold them if I also hold my breath, but this is not good from what I have read. There is really no excuse to not do kegels. They are discreet and give very positive results. I am sure for some people, long kegels are better than short-rapid ones, but for now, I am just trying to do the ones that I can.

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