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Persistence, Preserverence, and Penis - The 3 P's

Persistence, Preserverence, and Penis - The 3 P's

I just want to say I have been a member here far too long to not have many posts, I guess you can consider me a spectator more so than an activist, however I have been attempting to PE off and on for around 2 years now, never carrying on more than 2-3 months due to my strenuous schedule.

Here I am, 20 years old, looking over my old measurements I had when I was 17, and I would like to attribute my findings to PE, though it just might be continued growth, I do not know, it is all speculation to me.

I started off with a 6.25 NBPEL, and 6.5 BPEL, as well as 4.5 EG (I have uniform girth).
I am currently at 6.5 NBPEL, and ~7 BPEL, as well as 5.25 EG (still uniform).

I have had many penis woes, considering my girlfriend from my original measurements, who is now my wife lol, was initially with a guy who had roughly a 10” penis. Now I know this may be odd to some of you, but it always idles in my sub-conscience that I must meet his dick size. She tells me how amazing I am in bed (not trying to boast), and that my size is ample, however I was led into PEing by my sheer need to show her she is lying to herself if she claims she does not want sex with a larger penis. She claims she was able to give head to this 10” ex of hers, however she could not get her mouth around a 6” EG dildo, which leads me to believe this man was either extremely penciled (pencil dick, if you will), or else she lies. Either way I feel good about this issue, because 6” EG is already within reasonable gains for me. Sorry if I am digressing from my beginning statement or my thread title.

My main reason for posting is simply to say I am leaving for Basic Training in the Air Force on Monday, the 18th of April (tomorrow), and will spend 8 weeks training to keep a goddamn schedule and live by a strict code of conduct. With this said, I am following this up by a 6-8 month tech school, where I look to pursue my personal PE regime (tried and true to my best of knowledge), and I am excited to say I would love to have my wife move in with me after tech school only to have her breath taken away by my gains (hopefully!).

My PE schedule:
5-10 Minute hot-wrap
10 Minute stretches
- 30 Second counts of: Pull up, pull down (or towards the rear), pull straight out, pull left, pull right, rotate 15 second count left-right, rotate 15 second count right left. Alternate hands per exercise for uniform pulling.
- Repeat 3 times.
10 Minute jelqing
- 600 1-second jelqs (I prefer speedier jelqs as I feel more tension in the mid-shaft/glans than slow jelq, and I follow up with slow jelq Hose 440’s)
30 Horse 440’s
- 3 Second jelqs 5 times followed by a kegel squeeze (3/4 erection)
3 Minute cooldown stretches
- Repeat step 2, but do once rather than three times.

My hope is due to my strict lifestyle, my lack of Nicotine, Alcohol, and my intake of plentiful water should also help my blood flow, as well as the fact that I will be active 3-5 times for PT (Physical Training), which will hopefully reduce my Fat-pad (I am at a 21% BMI (body-mass index)).

It has been a long time coming, and this is, in all my hopes, my most meaningful post here, and one I have promised myself I will complete and follow up on.

My advice to all you newbies, an answer to your biggest question as well, this stuff _does_ work.

Take your time, listen to your Penis, read about the 3 PI’s, and be consistent. If you can’t maintain a proper workout regime, dietary habits, or even attend school/work on time, this is _not_ for you. Don’t expect a huge turnaround, just keep your head out of your ass and listen to those who came before you, and the only way I learned this is by wasting 2 precious years with on/off half-assed PEing only to see minimal gains, if any. Had I listened to what all my elders had been saying, I might be looking at an 8x6 already.

Best of luck to any and all of you, I am currently drugged up on NyQuil due to a small cold, so I had a hard time maintaining a coherent train of thought, but I hope you all catch my drift. I will post follow ups, and keep a record while I am in tech school, and after I procure a new computer.

- Cajual

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Good luck! :thumbs:

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