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Persistance beats resistance

Persistance beats resistance

I have been interested in PE for a couple of years and have read different thing and tried different techniques. Some successful others not, I have hurt myself a couple times, gotten frustrated and given up a few times.

Now to the present. I don’t have a lot of time or privacy so the best time for me to do anything is when I jump into the shower in the morning. I generally have decent morning wood so I am not cold so to speak. I have a messaging shower head that I can take down and message my unit on a fairly high heat. I will do some stretches for a minute or two. Next I grab my cheap ass pump from the local sex shop and fill the tube with fairly hot water. I get my self really hard using a little hair conditioner, drop my unit into the pump and pump to a comfortable level.

Now I just go about finishing my normal shower routine, when I am ready to get out I release the pump and drain all of the water. The first time I tried this my cock came out bigger and plumper than I have ever seen it. Next step is to grab some unscented lotion and nail out 100 Jelqs.

My flacid length is greatly improved but my erect girth has exploded with this routine. The wife is happy with extra girth but the BJ’s are getting tough for her.

Congrats on the gains, sir :up:


Hardliquor, congratulation on your gains and thank you for sharing your little secret.


I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Damn. That sounds like a good idea. I want to try it, but my wife already thinks I’m being silly for doing the stuff I do now (although it was her comment that started me down this path). I have a pump which I keep hidden from her. I can’t imagine what she’d think if I just left it in the shower. I’m going to have to think about how to do this surreptitiously.

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