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Originally Posted by Tillerman

Here is the answer to your question. If you gain size and want to keep it. Simply quit all exercises except kegals. Do them every day, you can simply do them while you are anywhere, just flex maybe 50 times a day. Doing kegals is what will give you longer lasting erections, and better prostate health. Stop doing all PE, and you will have shorter erections, weaker orgasms and eventually lose your increase in size, in that order. That is my belief. I’ve never had any trouble with it. So yes, you will lose your gains if you completely stop PE, but how hard is it to do a few kegals every day just to keep that size? Not very when you can do them anywhere.

Kegels are simply contractions of the bulbocavernosus muscle (see this). Since the BC muscle surrounds the bulb of the penis, which is the inner part of the corpus spongiosum, contracting it will not force blood into the main erection chambers (the corpora cavernosa) nor does it have anything to do with the prostate. Doing Dr. Kegel’s exercise 50 times a day is a good idea, but it won’t do what you believe it does Tillerman.

I think a healthy, easy way of approaching this is to plan on incorporating some sort of light PE-type activity into masterbation for the rest of your life. Do the serious exercises until you get to your goal, and after that plan at the least continue to do kegels and light stretches (in the shower, perhaps, so it’s regular). Incorporate some light “maintanence” PE into masterbation or even sex (ballooning, edging, whatever), without making it a big deal or something you do for it’s own sake (masterbate and come, but do a few stretches during it). So long as you use the extra capacity, I suspect you will keep it. Chances are you will still gain, too, though it will be very slow.

This is all hypothesis, though. Everyone is different, so while this may work for me, that could be because of any number of things, and it may not work for you.

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