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Permanently Diagonally Crooked at Base of Penis after hanging. How to correct it?

Permanently Diagonally Crooked at Base of Penis after hanging. How to correct it?

Okay so I started hanging three months ago. I’ve be doing PE for approximately six months in total. As far as the bibhanger weight, I’ve gone up to ten. I’ve noticed gains of about a 1/4”. My sessions are typically 3 sets consisting of 10-15 minutes each. However, since increasing to 10lbs my erection point out diagonal to the left. At the base of my penis, the left side seems to be beefy while the shaft is moderately curved inward. I stopped for two weeks and have been attempting to correct my diagonal erection through lig stretch at all angles except left and tunica tugs to no avail. It is very noticeable. How do I fix this problem?

Maybe hang lighter weight longer sets over your right leg only and see if that straightens it out at all.

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I’ve actually tried that. I think maybe it was due to the weight being distributed on one side (farther along one side of the strap) so I straightened out and continued a couple more weeks. I think it made it worse.

Perhaps put a photo in the progress-reports-and-pictures thread, and some one may have some answers for you.

Progress Reports and Pictures

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Alright I just did. Thank you

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