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Permanent Impotence Poll

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Can PE cause Permanent Impotence?

Never, the penis can always make a come back!


Yes, enough damage=bye,bye forever!

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I suppose it depends on what you are doing. If you are being too dangerrous with clamps or weights, I’d think there is a very real danger (as opposed to ‘just’ jelqing - it can be dangerous too).

The important thing to remember is that when you are PEing, the gains WILL NOT come overnight. Tomorrow you will not wake up and have your 6 incher turned into an 8 inch log. I think that’s where the most injuries come from: overzealous/reckless exercise. At least, it was in my experience.

Be patient and don’t needless risk (PE is kind of a calculated risk I think) because let’s face it, we’d all rather have a small functioning penis than a large impotent one.

Happy PEing.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Well guy’s, my biggest concern is , is it actually possible to cause Permanent Impotence, proper or improper form.

Typically this would only happen (if it did )with improper technique.

So bottom line, revised,

Can Pe (proper or improper) cause Permanent Impotence?

Or is their just no way they penis can just stop working forever even with improper PE?

Hope this makes better sense.


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Fuck, this is real scary! It really has a way to fuck up the penis forever?

“Most guys” try PE for a couple of days, don’t see an extra inch of dick magically appear overnight, and then give up.

Serious injuries are few, minor injuries (and guys letting their imaginations run wild after the minor injury) are pretty common. Doing too much, too soon, is usually the cause of the minor injuries.

Unless you are Dr. Lin, then just waking up in the morning will cause an injury and another potential client for his bullshit business.

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