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Permanent gains

Permanent gains


I just started out with the newbie routine and I’m quite looking forward to seeing results :p

However, I was wondering if the size gains are permanent.

Will your penis stay the same size after quitting PE or will it shrink again?

Once you hit your goal size, you should plan on doing PE for an additional 2-3 months to cement your gains, or make them permanent. A lot of guys will continue to do a maintenance routine of once or twice a week even after that, just to stay in peak condition.

Are you sure that size gains are permanent once you cement them with additional PE?

I’m just asking because I’ve read some posts on this forum from guys whose penis size decreased.

Yes, sometimes they decrease, but it varies from person to person, and usually they are very easy to get back.

The gains don’t just vanish completely, they lose a little bit, I havent heard of anyone who lost ALL of their gains.

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I lost maybe 1/4 inch over about 2 years. I’m here to gain them back and maybe increase. I started out kinda big anyway but I wanted more and I’m following the newbie routine since the stuff on this site is more advances thatn anything I did ( jelq & pumping) years ago.

In my experience, initial quick gains aren’t solid; this means nearly always best erections.

However, slow gains means solid gains (that’s my case). I haven’t lost nothing, but sometimes had hard plateaux (no progress). PE is a question of believe, practice and perseverance. And, of course, find the best techniques to each person.

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