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Permanent curve after PE - continue?

Permanent curve after PE - continue?

N 2010, I followed a very conservative PE routine:

- 10-15 min warm-up.
- Jelq x 50 / 1-2 min stretching.
- 1 day on - 2 days off.

After 3 weeks, my penis started to bend to the left and I stopped all exercises. Since then, the curve has been permanent and I have not done any forms of PE (3 years rest.) The curve is not severe when erect but it is definitely noticeable. When flaccid, it often points towards 11 olcock. The glans is also pointing towards the left (even if the penis itself would not have a curve, I would still pee towards 11 olock)

Therefore I want to continue PE in the hope to:

1. Correct the curve.
2. Improve EQ.
3. ( Increase size over time )

However, before I continue, I want to ask a few questions (hopefully, someone with the same problem will read this)

If PE gave your penis a curve:

1. How severe was the curve?
2. Did continued PE help to correct it? If so, how long time did it take? Did you change your routine?
3. If not, did the curve get worse over time or did it stay the same? Did you change your routine?

Obviously, my main concern is that if I continue PE, I will make the curve worse. Sadly, this is also the main reason, together with improved EQ, why I want to start again.

I would appreciate any help I can get!


In my opinion, this is the type of thing hanging works best for. I would get a BIB, and start hanging at 2 lbs, at straight angles.

Hi Runkarn,

Welcome to Thunders,

Sorry to here about your curve, If I was in your position I would continue to PE and research the many threads that are here regarding curves and fixing them. Just type curve into the search and narrow the search to “search titles only”


You may find your question answered already. :)

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You might try using a thumb and two fingers instead of an OK grip. The right hand will bend it to the right, and the left to the left. I notice that if I don’t vary hands, at the end of a session I’ll have a curve, so maybe that might create a change that lasts. Just guessing…would love to hear results.

I to have been developing a left curve too and need to figure out why this is. Which way would you suggest to jelq in order to reverse this process?

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If you are worried about the curve, try an extender.

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