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Hey guys. I’ve been thinking recently about combining a method in bodybuilding known as “periodization” with penile exercises.

Periodization, as far as I understand, is a method in bodybuilding that alternates between 3 separate phases.

1. The “alternating” phase, which prepares the body for heavier workouts,

Duration: 1 week. This is mostly a preparatory week of conditioning the body for future, higher load exercise

2. The “loading” phase which is characterized by a high amount of repetitions, though of low intensity,
-> E.g. Bicep curls: 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions

Duration: 3 weeks

3. And the “growth” phase, which is low repetition work at high intensities.
-> E.g. Bicep curls: 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, and 6 repetitions, respectively.

Duration: 3 weeks

I have reason to believe this will work out for the body (skeletal muscle). The loading phase tends to stimulate slow twitch muscle fibers of skeletal muscle while the growth phase tends to build the fast twitch muscle fibers. This allows for an increase in muscle volume for both of the types of skeletal muscle that comprise the skeletal muscle of the body.

Also, by alternating exercise frequencies (in other words number of sets and reps) the body does not become accustomed to the exercises and growth is continually stimulated without reaching a plateau.

ANYWAY, I’ve been thinking if the same principle can be successful in PE. Of course in PE we’re dealing with smooth muscle, and in that respect I have no idea if it responds the same way as skeletal muscle does, or what similarities it bears with skeletal muscle so that periodization might be successful in PE. And we also deal with ligaments and other tissues of the penis whose function and factors for growth are completely unknown to me.

However - one thing that periodization could be used for in PE is to vary the exercise amounts; for example, on weeks 1-2 one could do 50 two-second jelqs at a lower intensity, and on week 3 follow up with 30 three-second jelqs at a slightly higher intensity - all according to what the PE exerciser can stand (not too little or too much). By varying the amounts and intensities and time spent on the exercises, the body would not reach a point where it predicts what’ll happen next, and this I understand leads to growth.

But these are just thoughts. I’ll probably put this to the test in conjunction with the newbie routine to see how things go, but before I do that, what do you think? Is this a crock of shit or might there be some application for this periodization shenanigans? Discuss!

Just a quick disclaimer: I’m not precisely new to PE or weightlifting and have done both in the past with varying degrees of success. I don’t know much and would care greatly to expand my knowledge of PE.

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I’ve played with this idea as well. Before me, probably the first one thinking at something similar was probably
Shiver - When I have made great gains, I…
although the concept is not exactly the same, it is close.

A way could be to alternate high force techniques (manual stretching, for example) to low force technique (ex. extender).

The OLF/OLR theory is another ‘theory’ based on the afromentioned, although it is described in a way to make it look as the Kant’ Crititque Of Pure Reason. Any further development or experimen on this topic is welcome for my tastes.

What’s the OLF/OLR theory?

Either way, I’m glad someone else has thought about this. Have you put it the main concept to some form of practice and seen results, even if it is a small gain in EQ?

Are you thinking specifically to EQ? I think EQ could be something analogous to strength, and you know that actually periodization is based on planned high volume phases, where strenght actually goes down, and a lower volume phase, where there is the rebound - so the gains. That was somewhat the starting point of the OLF/OLR :

Overloading Fatigue Experiment
Reclaiming sky high EQ and moving on to clamping using the OLF/OLR methodology!
A Primer to Clamping & the OLF/OLR Method

another example is the IPR theory (search about if you want to know more).

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