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Period between sessions

Period between sessions

I’m on the regular newbie routine and doing a 2 on, 1 off schedule. However, due to work commitments available time I have off etc. I sometimes, for example, may do one of my sessions at 11pm and then the next session the following day at 11am in the morning. If I did this routine all the time (although its not always like this) its almost like having 2 days rest. Do people see a problem with this sort of time scale? I presume it is best to try and be as regular as possible and give your dick a good rest between workouts?

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You can think of it like almost having 2 days rest but you’re only giving your penis 12hours ‘rest’ between workouts, you could look at that like 2 workouts in 1 day, as long as your EQ and PI’s are good you shouldn’t have a problem, if you find your still fatigued from the 11pm session during your 11am session I wouldn’t complete the workout or complete it at half intensity

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I believe that the amount of time required to recover from a workout varies from individual to individual. If your penis feels alright, then I believe it is fine to work it out.

Yeah the 2on1off routine is really just a catch-all recommendation. As 4toX says you don’t have to follow it strictly, just watch PIs and go from there.

Just adjust intensity so you are recovered by the next session.

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I typically exercise everyday, but I allow 24 hours in between sessions. I have the convenience of working out when I get home from work every day at about 6pm. On the weekend I PE when I can, but I still typically PE 7 days a week.

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