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Perhaps you can help me with my queries

Perhaps you can help me with my queries

Hi,first time poster

Firstly I suppose thank you is in order. There is a wealth of information here in regards to P.E to make it almost seem like an exact science and I have read quite alot of it but I am still having issues

I first tried jelqing when I was around maybe 17,18.I was pretty chuffed cause I seen gains within the first month of about half an inch in length and about 2cm in girth. For reasons mainly due to my life being pretty chaotic I only continued with it for maybe another 2months,I seen some moderate increases in that time aswell enough to know there was some visible increase. My technique was pretty simple,10mins of jelqing with ok grip 3,4 second strokes.. Now I’ll get to my dilemma

I’m now 25 and I attempted to return to jelqing quite recently to which I have only seen failure and now and then ‘ED”.I suppose you’ll want to know about my diet, health etc as I see is a commonality on here.well,I am pretty healthy. I only drink water and soya milkshakes inbetween workouts (I am aware there is a misunderstood issue around soya promoting phytoestrogens which if you research further has little impact on halting natural testosterone production if coupled with whole protein foods)I don’t smoke, I workout atleast 3 to 4 times a week, my diet is beyond strict just meats,fish,dairy,no gluten or lactose as I am extremely intolerant to both and the only carbs I eat are vegetables and brown rice, all food if required for cooking is cooked with coconut,now we have that out the way you’ll see it possibly can’t be a problem for what am about to explain

As I was saying I had a good few years “hiatus”from jelqing so ofcourse when I returned to it I started out with quite a light routine. Now I get to the problem. It doesn’t seem to matter how much force I apply to the grip or the kind of grip I apply or the amount of time each stroke takes. Whenever I perform a jelq now it always results in temporary ED and zero of what I would call improvements. I was just wondering if there is a cutoff age for when this becomes moot as I know the penis stops developing naturally around the age of 20,21.I just find it odd,I’ve tried jelqing the sides to avoid the nerve that runs along the front of the shaft but I believe the problem maybe the veins in my penis are very prominent and I’ve ready many a time that you shouldn’t masturbate the glans (which I don’t)but I am physically not able to apply grip that would not put stress on these veins which I think maybe the problem. There is also no indicators of anykind that I am jelqing where I shouldn’t be e.g bruises,clots,pain of any kind

So, just looking for some advice. Is there a way I can jelq that doesn’t result in temporary “ED”everytime and see results or is it best I leave it based on my information

Any and all help is greatly appreciated

P.s I apologise if there is any lack of order to this post,it’s 5am here in Reykjavik and I haven’t slept well tonight

You became oversensitive to jelqing? Well, that can’t be due to your age. Maybe there is some other issue that coupled with jelqing gives ED as output. It could be that you are stressed, that you are in bad mood etc. etc.. Anyway, focusing on jelqing, if that gives you ED than avoid it for now. Do stretches and manual clamping. Before that you could try performing jelqs with another grip than the OK grip; try the C or U grip, pushing on the sides and avoiding pressure on the CS.

I would say your situation is psychological, it would appear that the aspect of jelqing is interfering with something in your libido. Can a girl jelq you and elicit a similar reaction.? Can you jelq while looking at porn and maintain an erection.? Its quite odd that jelqing would influence an episode of ED, it just does not make sense from a physical standpoint, in my opinion.

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