Perhaps with good perspectives for further results


I decided to write something about my PE activity to ensure if I am doing exercises properly, hopefully it will also increase my confidence and make me more enthusiastic about it.

I had already few attempts of doing PE but always I was resigning quite fast. Okay, let’s go forward and leave past behind.

I would like to show you my daily activity and ask few questions. Just to let you know I started doing it at the end of may. I was following newbie routine but I changed it a little bit. The first thing which I am doing is obviously the warm up, approximately 5 minutes then I am doing stretches, another five minutes - starting from down, middle and up and on left side and right side and at the end doing I am twirling. After that I am starting jelq. At the start I am doing fast jelqs without keeping it for longer than one sec at the top, after some time I am doing 5 secs holds - first question - is it a good idea to do another warm up after ~7/10 minutes to get rest hands? I need like 1 minute or 1,5m of break to continue and to do not waste time I am doing warm up. Sometimes I am also holing the top and starting second jelq with another hand, I would call it double jelq. And it’s worth to add that when I am doing holds, I am also sometimes pulling it forward, like in stretches. Does it somehow can improve effects or is it rather bad idea to do? I am trying to do jelqs at least 15 minutes but sometimes I am reaching almost 1 hour but quite rarely. I am ending up the session with warm up, I was always skipping kegels part :(

I also started at the half of may using ADS and actually because of the fact that I am busy in a day I started doing AN(night)S. I have learnt how apply it properly so I don’t feel anyhow uncomfortable using that.

I would be very thankful for advices, I will appreciate every post from more experienced user. If you have any idea how I can improve my session, just let me know.
Thanks again, best regards.