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Performance problem

Performance problem

I just started PEing about a week ago. I’ve never had any kind of performance Problems before, but recently it’s been hard to get a boner and keep it up. It’s really stressful because I’ve never had any problems before and I’m only 21 so it shouldn’t be something normal.

Yesterday my new gf and I were trying to get it on for the first time and it was really embarrassing because it wouldn’t stay up. I didn’t even do the exercises that day so I don’t think it was from fatigued muscles.

Was the first time you had a problem getting/keeping an erection when you were getting it on with this new gf for the first time?

Or could you not get erections throughout the week you’ve been doing PE?

If it only appeared with the new girl, I’d say it was just simple performance anxiety. Even if you don’t feel nervous the first few times with a new girl can have an underlying nervousness that affects your penis. It makes it worse when you think about it and worry about it. Instead, forget about it and just pleasure her and enjoy it and it’ll solve itself.

If you’ve been getting erection problems throughout the entire week, maybe you need to cut down on intensity and PE time.

I don’t think it’s from the PE, I usually PE before I get with a new girl so I know I will have a rock hard erection.

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Ei brother
Probably your working your unit too much.
Maybe rest until you see EQ like before you started PE and then restart with a less demanding routine

Good luck

Thanks for responding guys. Right now it seems like I’m having problems getting erections all the time, not just with her. I tried to see if I can hold one while masturbating and it was still hard to hold it. And it seems like my dick isn’t as hard as it normally is. All I’m doing is the linear newbie routine so it’s not anything hard or demanding. I’m doing a lot more kegels though but most of the time I don’t hold them. I just flex and repeat. I also lost my morning wood and night time erections.

if it started at the same time you started your PE routine then the routine is too intense and demanding for you and your penis.

Forget the ego and just accept that you need to decrease the intensity of the routine unless you’re happy to have a dick that won’t stand to antention when the need arrives. I had the same problem early on with my newbie routine and when I sought advice I found out a) I was gripping/squeezing too hard and b) I was not conditioned enough for it at that moment in time.

So I listened and took a week off and when I started back I reduced the routine and lessened my grip and voila! Everything’s back to normal now and then some. I occasionaly overtrain but know straight after my workout if I have and know that I won’t be able to get hard that day so take the next day off or have as gentle a workout as possible.

So my advice to you is like the vets told me. Take some time off until high EQ returns and when you do start back take it easy and maybe look at downsizing the routine if an easier grip/less squeezing doesn’t work.

If after all that things don’t improve then you have a different problem altogether and that’s not something I can help you with,unfortunately.

Best of luck bro.

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Thank you. Ill definitely take a break until I get normal function. Is there any kind of supplements I can take to get the normal function back sooner?

Maybe trying some L-arginine would help you with your erections, only sure fire way though is some shots of testosterone lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I’d be interrested in knowing what your routine is. Erection quality is one of the best indicators if you are over-training. You have to find the right balance. I saw good gains with jelqing, but found that even 50 reps was all I could do without affecting my erection quality and night wood. I’ve ultimately found a routine for me that works while minimizing jelqing. Ease up (or take some time off PE) and limit masturbation. Stress, caffeine and alcohol also affect EQ. Stay hydrated, and don’t worry. It happens to all of us.

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Probably just nerves.

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