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Penomet Gain Help

Penomet Gain Help


I like to say that I’d rather have this post in the pump section but this site won’t let me even though I’ve been a member for years.

So my problem is this. Since mid September 2015 I’ve been using my Penomet in my hot tub pretty religiously. I did the routine that is posted on the Penomet site with a slight modification (I did 6 days of pumping with 2 days off instead of 5 on 2 off) just because it worked better with my schedule. I followed the routine slowly and worked my way up to the red gaiters which is the strongest one (I own all the gaiters). Anyways yesterday I took a measurement of my flaccid and erect girth and I’m exactly the same as when I started pumping 5 months ago. You would think I would have seen some gains by now; I would even be happy with an 1/8 inch. I didn’t measure length as I’m mostly focusing on girth but length feels the same when erect, flaccid seems like it hangs a little lower but nothing to boast about.

So normally I do a few minutes of manual stretches while in the 104 degree water. Then I use the penomet for 20-25 minutes. Afterwards I sit in the tub for a few more minutes or I’ll use a rice sock to apply some heat. I don’t jelq because I find if I jelq the temporary gains which I do get quickly dissipate. I changed my stretches according to the LOT theory so I’m pulling up now more than down. I also tried what the SRT advocates and tried clamping at the end of my penomet session to “heal” in an engorged state but nothing I do makes the gain last more than a day or two. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. I’ve tried jelqing before and I wasn’t able to stick with it as much as I can’t maintain the proper aroused state without watching porn. The wife doesn’t mind my penis enlargement routines but didn’t like idea of my basically masturbating to women online while she is home; and she is usually home.

Any thoughts?

Also of note when I’m pumping I’ll depress the tube all the way and then wait 5 minutes or so to let my penis get used to the new pressure before depressing the penomet again. I’ll do this 3-4 times in a session.

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