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Peno-scrotal web "turkey neck"

Hello. I feel the need to post here as I believe I am a minority of the many penises we have on this forum. I am uncircumsized, however, ive always had slack or turkey neck underneath my shaft that was like webbing and only really noticed when I began PE. I don’t believe it was a side effect of PE either, I am naturally elasticity and I have elastic face skin too. From when I was a child I always had the biggest flaccid penis from all of my peers, looking back at home movies some could say I was well endowed for a child of 9 (It could have been something like 3.5-4 inches which is ALOT for that age) And it didn’t hang like turtlehead. To my embarassment we had swimming lessons back then and I got insecure because all the boys were saying I had a freaky penis o.O. Anyway, all the time I jelq I have to tuck my nut sack behind my thighs and ive never known anyone else who does this, my web could be the result of having a big penis as a child and puberty not deciding to stretch my skin to cause some shaft skin. I think I have shaft hairs too (yuck). I can’t jelq normally for fearing my web will increase, and im a little worried about foreskin restoration as a cure because I still actually have alot loose foreskin as well. My balls don’t hang dead centre one ball is usually a little higher then the other but thats pretty normal. Any advise appreciated.

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Originally Posted by Kong
pulling the penis through the pee-hole of a tight pair of briefs instead of hanging free during your routine

That’s a pretty clever, simple way to keep the scrotum back during jelqing. It would be harder to reach the very base of the penis, of course, but I like the idea.

Thanks guys, I will try stretching the skin and see if it works for me.

This is a great thread and timely as a week ago I started stretching the skin and trying to rid myself of the turkey neck. I found that lightly clamping around my balls with a cable clamp while jelqing keeps from pulling additional skin up the shaft from my scrotum and while stretching the skin up the shaft I can push downwards on the clamp and it helps the stretch

It’s possible to use a Bibhanger for FR, but I’ve not run a search on FR just yet so I’m not sure if it’s the best technique.

I’ve just bought a Bibhanger, so I’m trying to create skin with the Penimaster so that I don’t get turkey neck from stretching with the Bibhanger..

.I’m not sure if I should reduce my Bibhanger use until I get a good lot of skin ready to stretch into.

I guess the next step is to run a search for “Foreskin Restoration”

Mr. Nine, thanks for the info..

If I wrap my balls it’ll stop the scrotal skin being stretched along the shaft (I don’t quite understand the principle behind it however so I’m not sure how I should wrap)..

I haven’t been able to find any tutorials or instructions on ball wrapping..

Do you know where I can get more info on the kind of ball wrapping that reduces turkey neck?

>If I wrap my balls it’ll stop the scrotal skin being stretched along the shaft (I don’t quite understand the principle behind it however so I’m not sure how I should wrap)..<

That’s the idea, I tried it a couple of times and found it to be pretty close to torture. Do not even think about it unless using light weight with the hanger. Basically, I just took a peice of sweat shirt material and wrapped around above the testicles, the idea is to keep the scrotal skin from stretching along with the rest of the skin.
I had better luck doing this with my hands, that is making an O.K. sign on top of the testicles and pulling down on them stretching the scrotal skin down too.

I don’t think there are any tutorials on this subject.

Try this link and see if you can pull anything useful out of it. A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls)

I have a more or less comfortable piece of chord that I loop around my scrotum when I’m jelqing. I pull it snugly around the scrotum (skin only, of course!), then I pass the chord under my thigh and loop the other end around my wrist or forearm. This pulls the scrotum back while you are jelqing. This gives a nice stretch to the skin, and you can control how firm you want this stretch to be by adjusting the length of the chord and/or moving it up or down your forearm.

This always temporarily reduces my modest turkey neck. But I haven’t seen any long-term difference yet.

Time frame

About how long does the correction of turkey neck take?

Ah yes, the old “PSWTN” problem. I developed that too, when my length gains increased. Actually marched my balls further out my shaft.

Simple solution is gentle (and careful) downward stretching of the male pouch - pulling it in the opposite direction.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Ah yes, the old “PSWTN” problem. I developed that too, when my length gains increased. Actually marched my balls further out my shaft.

Simple solution is gentle (and careful) downward stretching of the male pouch - pulling it in the opposite direction.

When it comes to Turkey Neck is cure better than prevention?

Should I stretch my balls in advance or should I wait until I’ve got the length I want before stretching my balls to reverse the turkey neck?

I’m wrapping my balls with theraband to bind the scrotal skin while I hang and I want to start ball stretching but I’m not sure whether I should start stretching my balls as soon as possible or wait until I’m longer.

I read the whole of A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls) but only found three direct references to turkey neck (quoted below)

Originally Posted by bigblackstick
AS memento pointed out, if you plan on getting your dick longer than you better plan on getting your balls lower.

Or else you balls will ride up into your shaft and “disappear” like you see on many porn guys. There is a lack of available ball skin.

There are two problems as shaft girth increase the balls “absorb” into the shaft. As shaft length increases, the balls are moved down the shaft, making a “sailboat.”

Ball hanging will circumvent both of these.

Originally Posted by ZekeMan2000
I’ve found that my main obstacle to stretching both balls and cock is the skin on the underside of my cock connecting to my balls. I’m trying to stretch that out these days. If I wear too many rings at night, it’s very uncomfortable because that skin gets too tight when I get the raging hard-ons.

Originally Posted by JTreehorn
I’ve decided to start on the sack as well to minimize turkey neck.

I ran a ‘titles only’ advanced search using the search string “ball* stretch*” and of the twelve results it yeilded the following was the only thread that directly referred to turkey neck:

BIG Gainers and their Ball Sacs

Here are the highlights (Bib’s post looks interesting- it would be good to get a link to a thread that describes the technique in more detail)

Originally Posted by Tex3
What you must do is apply bi-lateral traction, I.e. Pull in two opposite directions, between where your ‘sail’ joins your mast and the top of the mast.

You could start by using lil1’s ADS, point your dick straight up (you could run the theraband around your neck and clamp it to itself with suspender clips), then attach a weight or someother means of downward pull at the point where the sail joings your mast. The only way I can think of to do this is with tape, which isn’t a good option.

Originally Posted by Bib
Believe me, if you wrap your nuts, and hang 10 lbs OTS while doing so, you will get more stretch on the bottom shaft skin than you can handle.

10 lbs was simply an example, not a recommendation.

Originally Posted by deasign
I’ve been wrapping my ball sac with a heavy cotton strip similar to the wrap for the bib hanger. I do this after I’ve warmed up and before hanging. It keeps my scrotum skin stretched while I’m hanging and has made a difference in the “sail” effect. I also manually stretch my balls during the day to keep stretching that skin separate from my dick. My balls already hang pretty well so this may not work for everyone.

Originally Posted by OSL8
I use the 1 1/2 inch diameter rubber O-rings. Once a night I put on as many as I can pulling them as tight as they will go and keep them on for a half hour. 5 rings = 1 inch in length, I’m up to 23 now.

Pulling down on the shaft skin toward the base of the penis while erect seems to be working the best for me so far. The only problem is that it is somewhat uncomfortable. One unexpected bonus for me, however, is that the remnant of my frenelum, which was snipped during my circumcision, seems to be regrowing a little. I have noticed that the main strand coming down from the glans is larger and thicker and actually stands out during erections now. Before, it was just a faint scar. Very nice side-effect of this reverse stretch, especially for a restorer like me!

So has anyone had any success with Bib’s technique of hanging OTS with a wrap on your nuts? I just started a few days ago, I would expect results in about a week or two. I can definetly feel the stretch in my skin, it’s quite intense.

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