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Originally Posted by wibble
You’re assuming, again, that massive cock = great sex.

I do not make that assumption. What I believe is that a penis with less girth provides lesser sensation during sexual intercourse than one with a greater girth.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
Yes jackman, you are. A lot of that idea is coming from porn. Every time you watch porn, you need to realize that it is the same as a Saturday Morning Cartoon. It is fantasy not reality.

I guess you assume that I get this idea from porn, because many people do. I don’t. I get the idea that my 6 x 4.3 penis (measurement without cock ring) could provide more pleasure if it were wider because when I have been with loose girls there has been almost no response to my thrusts, with average girls there has been a little, and with tight girls a bit more. I’m well aware that pornography contains women acting, and men with unusual penises.

My experience has made it very clear that the fit matters. If I were thicker loose women could probably feel something from me, average women probably more, and tight women, I have to wonder about. I don’t know if they’d go up to a higher level of pleasure to my penetration, or if it would reach the point of discomfort. I don’t assume to know which it would be, I don’t just say “yeah, even those tights girls would be going so much more crazy if I had a massive thick rod”.

I’m aware that some men have such a large girth, that it is problematic with some women, but that’s not something I’m close to. It’s a bit like telling a midget who can’t reach the gas pedal on his car that if here were 7 feet tall he’d probably have trouble finding a car he could sit in comfortably. There’s not a whole lot of point to that point.
I don’t believe what I do because I find pornography accurate, or because I think that a big dick is a golden ticket to god like sex. I believe it because some women barely seem able to feel me, and the tighter the fit (by their variance) the less that’s a problem.

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
I do not have the time at the moment to investigate the reasons you have potentially listed for ED, but I will later. In the mean time, have you tried quadmix or caverject?

I have not in my personal life tried to use injections to induce erections, I have however had two different doctors administer injections to evaluate erections, I believe this was caverject.
in this thread

on the second page, about halfway down I relate my experience with these injections.
Thank you for PMing me about this condition some people online believe they have called “hard flaccid penis” in some ways it sounds a lot like what I have experienced., A number of the described symptoms sound like mine. Very frequent pain in the penis, weaker erections, and abnormal blood flow. I guess I’m not positive how soft my flaccid should feel, but I do feel like it is pretty resistant to compression if squeezed. I tried laying down, and then feeling it (as the website suggests) and after a short time the spongiosum felt about the same, but the cavernosas felt softer. Stood up, and within a short time they were firmer again. These aren’t black and white changes, but I don’t think I’m imagining them. I’m seeing a new urologist on Feb 1st. I will mention to him (among the myriad of other thoughts and considerations bouncing around in my head) the question of whether my flaccid state is abnormally firm. I mostly want to talk to him about 2 things:
1. My strong desire to confirm whether there is scar tissue, or some other constricting force on the left side of my penis, just below the glans. Unfortunately years ago when I had an ultrasound done on my penis the doctor informed me that that spot (which is also where I experience the vast majority of my pain) could not be scanned with his ultrasound, because that high up into the penis the blood vessels become too small. I really suspect that there is scar tissue there, because when I am trying to get an erection I absolutely feel a marked tight sensation there. It is like the rest of my penis is trying to take a shape and position, and this spot is saying “no, this is as far as I go”.
2. Perhaps some prescription orally or clever injection of muscle relaxant. Increased muscle tension has always made my pain and dysfunction worse. Truthfully of all the areas where my muscles feel tight/cramped/fatigued, the area I feel it most (to the extent that I can be sure I’m accurately detecting the location of sensation in that region) is the part of my penis, on the left side, that extends down into my pelvis. I don’t know if total muscle mastery could cure me of either problem, but I’m interested in getting more help with it. I have spent years now trying to get good at muscle relaxation and meditation, it has been a great challenge for me, and again, I don’t know if that could take me the whole distance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your ears. I appreciate it, everybody.

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No offense taken at all, bro. Thanks for the good wishes. I’ll let you know. Thanks again.


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