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Originally Posted by wibble
Let’s take things right back to basics. What are penises for, from an evolutionary point of view? Squirting sperm into a uterus, obviously. Penises have been ‘designed’ by evolution to fit vaginas, so while both organs vary a good deal in size, it would be a bit strange if the average penis wasn’t a good fit for the average vagina. Of course a lot of women are going to prefer dicks that are a bit bigger than average to those that are a bit smaller, but unless you’re talking about a true size queen then the owner of an average-sized dick should be perfectly capable of having mutually enjoyable sex with the owner of an average-sized cunt, providing the said dick works properly.

I remember reading about some big survey about women’s feelings on dick size, and rather than ask about length in inches (which, as I’m sure we all know, most women don’t have a clue about) they asked how women felt about their current or previous partner’s size. About 85% were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied”. And out of the remaining 15%, presumably at least were “unsatisfied” because the dick in question was too big for them to have enjoyable sex. The idea that the average penis is somehow inadequate for most women is ludicrous.

This is not a flame or an attack, just a difference of opinion.

Allow me to use a metaphor. I could live on vitamins and protein shakes but for maximum “nutritional” pleasure, I would prefer steak and eggs.

Mother nature has one, and only one, goal. Life multiplies. Penis and vagina evolved to their current state for best human procreation. Mother nature doesn’t give a damn if that size gives a woman maximum sexual pleasure or not. I know a number of ladies who have all told me that while publicly women proclaim size doesn’t matter, privately they state that it does.

While I’m sure most women are happy with their partners, I suspect a little added meat would enhance their pleasure, wether they chose to admit it in a survey or not.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
I think the point is that inexperienced guys think unless you have a giant porno dick, you aren’t worth anything and you can’t please a woman. Which as we know is total unmitigated bullshit.

Yeah, I agree with you there, I was just disagreeing with the person you linked to who was claiming that there is no difference in physical stimulation.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
As Rose points out that vicious circle leads to poor performance in bed, maybe psychological impotence.

We see this kind of thinking all the time on thunders. It holds people back in their real lives and it is a huge stupid waste of time.

Feeling bad is definitely bad. I know a lot about that in this department actually, and it’s very rough. It depends on how an individual’s brain works, and whether it’s going to happily and hopefully look forward to the day that they can improve this part of their anatomy, accepting that it likely and hopefully will cause an improvement in their sex life. Alternatively they may be unable to get the image of the girl they love being drilled and pleasured by larger men out of their head, and imagining lots of other sadness inducing things. I’ve got some of both bouncing around in my skull, personally.
I think if I’m being honest with myself that I’m not writing this to make anyone feel bad (the way I often feel), and I’m somewhat writing it to help people not dismiss as unimportant that they might be able to improve something important, but more than anything I’m writing this because when I think something isn’t true it sticks in my brain and bothers me.
And to be honest, something that I experience (please let me know if any of you experience this) is when someone says “it doesn’t matter” my mind instantly is reminded of the reasons that’s probably not true. It makes me think about the reasons it seems to matter, and a lot of those make me feel bad. It’s like if various people would stop saying “dick problems don’t matter” it would be that many fewer times that my brain would be saying “yeah, my dick problems do matter, because…”
But I definitely don’t want to bum anyone out with the way all this seems to me, and it’s important to point out that I probably have a pretty distorted idea of the degree to which dick size matters, because I also have significant ED. Since I was 21, after the second time that I had sex I’ve only had 3 full erections, I’m now 28. It’s very likely that with a fully hard dick vaginal size differences wouldn’t cause as much variation in physical response. I don’t actually know what my size is, that is, what it would be if I could get fully hard again. I’m trying to get my full erections back, and it’s an odd thing to not know, (if I do get them back) how big my dick will be. When I measure one of my better ones (with a cock ring), I’m about 7 x 4.6. I’m not sure if that will be my starting point, hopefully it will be a little thicker, but most importantly I’d like to be able to get fully hard and maintain whatever I have. People often say on here that hardness is more important than size, and I definitely think that’s true.

Puts me in the D category because of my girth. I can guarantee you most girls couldn’t take the A sizes comfortably.

Penis size definitely is a factor. Women love a fat dick more than a long one. I did my own survey online about half the chicks I sleep with I get them off free dating sites, facebook shit like that. I started talking to girls in different parts of the u.s. I usually flirt with them and ask them about dick preference. I told girls I had a 9 inch dick or a real thick one just to see there reactions and they was giving me there numbers right away, sending me pics. You could tell they was really into me and I asked them all what do they prefer, most of them say a thick one and that length is not important. Stating that it hurts them. They was saying 7 inchs is perfect if it’s thick. I date mostly hispanic, black, enthic woman and they all said thicker is the way to go

Originally Posted by sleepy278
Mother nature doesn’t give a damn if that size gives a woman maximum sexual pleasure or not.

Then why do clitorises exist? Why does the vagina have lots of sensitive nerve-endings that feel nice when stimulated? Why are women even capable of orgasm at all?

To make them want to have sex, obviously. I.e. for exactly the same reason that sex and orgasms feel good for men, too.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
While I’m sure most women are happy with their partners, I suspect a little added meat would enhance their pleasure, wether they chose to admit it in a survey or not.

And don’t get me wrong here - I guess what I’m saying in this thread is kind of contradicted by my own behaviour, since I was a fair size (8” x 5.6”) before I started PE and have since gained an inch in length and about 0.7” in girth; my girlfriend loves my size and so did my previous girlfriend, I’ve had loads of compliments on it…I guess what I’m trying to say is that while of course a lof of women like a dick that’s bigger than average, maybe even a lot bigger than average, a guy with an average-sized tool should be able to have sex with a woman so that both of them enjoy it, providing he can get properly hard and doesn’t shoot straight away.

To put it another way: sure, a lot of guys like big tits, but you can still enjoy fucking a woman with average-sized tits, right?

Originally Posted by wibble
Then why do clitorises exist? Why does the vagina have lots of sensitive nerve-endings that feel nice when stimulated? Why are women even capable of orgasm at all?

To make them want to have sex, obviously. I.e. for exactly the same reason that sex and orgasms feel good for men, too.

It’s true that we are enticed by pleasure to attempt sex; I’m just saying that Mother Nature doesn’t go out of her way to outfit us with what we would consider the ideal size.

Well let me see if I can clarify some of my thinking, this is mostly for sleepy768, jackman1010, and mike4545. Because it seems like you guys are really wanting to believe this chart some tool on the internet made up.

- We all want bigger dicks, that is why we are here. That is a given. So I don’t want any of you to put words in my mouth like “size doesn’t matter” or “you don’t need to PE”. Nor do I want to hear that I am “bashing guys with big dicks” I am not. Like every guy here I would have loved to have been born w an 8x6. Personally I would like to bring up my midshaft girth to match my base girth of 5.5.

On the other hand, do I need that that in order to reduce a woman to a quivering sexual mess begging to feel my dick inside her? No, I can do that already. I could do that with my Pre-PE size too. I am not trying to be a braggart. It is what it is.

My problem is with the damage you guys you are doing to yourselves over a bullshit chart made up by a guy who thinks porn reflects reality and/or your own confusion of porn with reality.

- Daniel Rose does not say size doesn’t matter. It matters, but not to the extent that guys think it matters. This is why he brings up that the best selling dildos are more or less average size. Women are not buying monster dongs to masturbate with. If you have ever read his stuff, he correctly notes that the way to hot sex is getting into your woman’s mind. That is how you are going to be her sex god.

- some of you seem to confuse an average sized dick with a small dick. An average dick is not a small dick. It is an average size dick. see Penis Size - A realistic view

- for women there is a such thing as a dick that is too big. ironaddict69, tntjockey, paragoomba etc have been pretty upfront about running into trouble being too big for a woman. There are threads at LPSG detailing the same thing. I have read blogs by women on the internet discussing this. Too uncomfortable, sore for days afterwards, fun for the psychological thrill the first couple times, but the reality is that the guy is not going to be relationship material. I’ve had one woman bring this up in conversation. “He had a really big dick. It was really not much fun. There was nothing you could really do with it, and it was uncomfortable as hell.” I am not going to make huge generalizations about her statement, but I know she is not the only woman out there.

- porn is 100% fantasy for men, it is like Disney for horny guys. These women are paid to get fucked by porn cocks and scream about how great they are. On the other hand, our thunder’s buddy who has done porn notes that behind the scenes a fair number of porn girls kind of dread doing scenes with the really big guys - it chore because of the discomfort and soreness, and don’t fuck guys like that in real life.


Jackman, I feel really bad for you, especially because you are torturing yourself needlessly. You are telling yourself a story that is not true. You need to break this cycle now, you are wasting so much time worrying about things that aren’t true that it is affecting your life in a hugely negative way. You’ve got to let go of your false perception that your dick is in adequate because it isn’t. You have talked yourself into impotence over something that is completely untrue. You are bigger than my pre-PE size, I had the similar hang-ups to you before I got some experience under my belt. I don’t know if this will help, but there are some good stories here:

Young Guys - SiZE ANXIETY is DUMB

See also sparkyx's article, worth reading if you haven’t see in already:

Psychogenic Impotence or Performance Anxiety

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Seriously guys. You can do all the mental gymnastics you want to convince yourself that you a big dick to give pleasure to a woman and all you’ll do is torture yourself and resent the women who sleep with you.

I am just a little above average, but a D on the chart. All I need to prove that the chart is bullshit is a night with with my girl. She confessed she has had a lot bigger than me, and was in a 2 year relationship with a Guy who was bigger than me yet my dick is the best she has ever had.
I believe her because I give her multiple vaginal orgasms to the point of her hyperventilating, making animal noises and nearly passing out.

Upon probing as to why I’m so good for her, she explained that I am “thick” but not too thick and not too long. The effect is that she gets stretched out enough to get very good stimulation, but it doesn’t become pain. This allows her and me to fuck as hard as we want, for as long as she can stand it. I am the only one to have given her multiple vaginal orgasms. The monster dick that she hooked up with one night jabbed her in the uterus enough times to make her not want to repeat the experience and her larger ex always had to restrain himself with how deep he went or would hurt her and prevent her from feeling pleasure.

You don’t have to believe me, and I am not boasting, but the sooner you realize that all that’s stopping you from making a woman crazy is your mind and your insecurity, the sooner you can start having great sex.
Of course endurance and paying attention to her body language and doing whst works for her are the real requirements for making a woman feel good.

STARTING: BPEL: 5.9in EG: 5.0in

2016: BPEL: 6.25in EG: 5.25in

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Sex isn’t just mechanics. With the right approach (and the right feeling between you and her) you can give orgams to a women with half finger.

Beside that, I think arguing the perfect size basing on the size of dildos, vibrators or penis sleeves makes no sense. Those things are different than a real penis, are not even used in the same way if you think at it.

Neither is useful to find the truth basing on what women say online/to friends/whatever. Or on the braggarts of some guys with a big dick and a low self esteem.

I’m in to swinging/online dating. Women who never tried a big dick get interested. But most of those who tried, they don’t show so much preference for it. Furthermore, those who date me mostly because my size, very rarely come back again; by what I know speaking with other ‘hung guys’, this is pretty common; I have less endowed friends with the same…uh…hobby, who have dated many times the same couple/women. This should say something (not just that I am a hateful man, I hope :D ).

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I agree with almost everyone here that MOST pleasure of sex for a woman comes from clit stimulation and secondarily from g-spot stimulation which is only a couple of inches inside the opening.

Having said that, I’m roughly a b+ on that chart and as I’ve grown from PE thanks to Thunders, my wife has definitely increased her pleasure reactions AND her discomfort reactions in certain positions, and those reactions come from bottoming out or hitting the cul de sac or whatever you want to call those deeper hot spots.

So, I think large size doesn’t matter very much, but when you have it, it can change the game, and not necessarily in good ways.

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Goal: 7.25" BPEL, 6.25'' MSEG

Originally Posted by sleepy278
It’s true that we are enticed by pleasure to attempt sex; I’m just saying that Mother Nature doesn’t go out of her way to outfit us with what we would consider the ideal size.

But whose definition of “ideal size” are you using here? Who is “we”: you? The average Thunder’s Place member? Some imaginary “woman in the street”?

For most of human history, porn (as we know it today) ddi not exist and most guys did not spend a lot of their time worrying about whether they measured up in the dick department. I’ve even heard that large dicks are regarded as an impediment to good sex in the Kama Sutra, and in ancient Greece small penises were considered the most attractive, while large ones were considered comical and grotesque.

I can see this is one of those subjects that we can debate to the death and not resolve. I don’t refute any of the previous posts; they are all good points but I have a difference of opinion based on confidences that have been shared with me.

A rhetorical question:

If the size and health of our penis is of no consequence, why did this site (Thunders) get started and how is it able to maintain itself?
Yes, one can get a woman off with their little finger but let’s all be honest with each other; an appropriately sized penis is a desirable thing.

I will say no more.

Definitely, and all things being equal, a smaller than average penis will have a MORE difficult time creating the desired effect in a woman. All I’m saying is that once you reach the average size, all that stands in your way is your insecurity.

STARTING: BPEL: 5.9in EG: 5.0in

2016: BPEL: 6.25in EG: 5.25in

NOW (11/2017): BPEL: 6.7in EG: 5.3in

Sleepy, no one is saying ‘is of no consequence’, as I read it.

The fact that you feel something as an issue doesn’t means it is really an issue. On the other corner you have people here with so huge penises that, as they admit, are hurting their partners, who go ahead trying to become even bigger - on the edge of freakish. You can’t argue real world basing on the behavior or beliefs of men.


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