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Penismaster 2 hours 5 days a week


Penismaster 2 hours 5 days a week

I am 8,5 in length and 6,1 in girth and I am gonna buy the penis master, am I too big to use the device?

Is it realistic to expect 1,3 inch gain in length in 6 months wearing the device for 2 hours 5 days a week?

The andropenis is a similar device and they say you have to wear the device for 8-9 hours daily to expect the same results so I do not know what to believe.

Looking forward to your guys replies

Man I think your dick is big enough, why would you want more?

Originally Posted by BPTony
Man I think your dick is big enough, why would you want more?

What’s it to you?

Burn that tunica!

Got a friend who bought it and wear it for 8 or 9 h average and grew 1,7 cm. He also hang with it. I also wanna know more stories about this device, we will see in this thread hopefully.

BTW I speak with a commercial and a new pm pro will come up soon in about three months. It’ll have an indicator and a better hanging system.

8.5 is a great size. The envy of most. What would be the reason you’d like to get bigger.

So guys what is it 1-2 hours 3-5 days a week or 8-9 hours everyday?

I want to get 9 because I wanna get in porn

Is porn a high paying job for men?

You’re almost as big as Ramon from Bangbros and you want to get bigger so you can be in porn, seriously?

Originally Posted by small92

I want to get 9 because I wanna get in porn

Cool, what kind of porn? I guess it will be nice to look at.

Straight porn

My size looks small on me because I am a big guy

1m80 12% bodyfat 85kg with a lot of the weight in my thighs and glutes

Cool go for it. I don’t watch porn, but I guess there will be plenty that’ll enjoy it.

So you think wearing the device 1-2 hours for 3-5 days a week will be enough to get like 1 inch in 6 months max?

Your size is quite good even for porn, Rocco or Nacho aren´t bigger than you.

Presentación y fotos iniciales. (p. 6)

8enero2014 BPEL: 19,1 cm EG:15,2 cm

24mayo2014 BPEL: 20,7 cm EG: 15,6 cm

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