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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can post the routine or anything from

They guarantee results within 3 weeks, but that sounds too fast after reading what I have on thunders.

Is penisimprovement doing something that thunders is not?


OK, firstly no one can post the routine from there because that would be infringing copyright (even though they may well have copied it from here in the first place).

Secondly, on the 3 weeks thing. It’s a bullshit sales pitch. Even if they guarantee you money back if you don’t gain they will be expecting that only a minority of people would dare to claim and a tiny minority would actually take them to court to get their cash back. Check out the penis pill stories for how useless these guarantees are.

Some (maybe even the majority) of people will gain within 3 weeks with the crappest routine, because it’s all about stretching ligs initially (which is easy at first). Of course the initial bump that many experience (I did) is not a guide to how easy PE will be from that point in time.

So first spend a year or more gaining as much as you can. Wait until you stop gaining. Then sign up for penis improvements and then sue them when you don’t get any more gains.

By the way I’m currently selling the London Eye for some clients. If you are interested, please cut me a cheque.

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Is penisimprovement doing something that thunders is not?>

Yeah, taking your money.

Originally Posted by memento

By the way I’m currently selling the London Eye for some clients. If you are interested, please cut me a cheque.

I bought the London Eye 2 weeks ago. On Ebay. For £7 3s 6d. I haven’t received the deeds yet. I hope I haven’t been ripped off! Again.

I thought it would be interesting to ask, instead, if someone would summarize and perhaps review the methods used on that site - but then I went and did a search here at Thunder’s for “” and discovered that most of that sort of information, and quite a bit more about the site, has already been posted in other threads. I recommend doing a search here (third button from right at top of screen).


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

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